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  1. Thanks for the input. I think it was a fluke, because we've flown in that area before. Yesterday, we were literally on a private airstrip, at a house with a hangar, and no problem. We are in the area of Portland (OR) International Airport and there are Oregon National Guard jets going in and out all the time there, so my husband checks the maps carefully. However, with all the technology today, it wouldn't surprise me if someone came up with a way to hack into the system, just because they can. We've had neighbors come out and ask what we are doing, but they are usually okay once we explain we are real estate photographers and not interested in anything but the house that is for sale.
  2. There are a few small, private airstrips in our area, literally just a strip of land thru a residential area where private planes, nothing big, take off. One day I called one, to ask for clearance, and I got an old timer, who had no idea why I was calling, but said he didn't expect anyone would be flying in or out that day or anytime soon. My husband has part 107, and he always checks, this was just so random, but good to know that the software can be unreliable. I guess he should have tried it again in a half hour or so to see what happened. We've got 2 flights today, I hope we don't have the problem again.
  3. We are real estate photographers, and was about do some photos of a property in an area where we've flown before - at least within mile or so. As soon as our Phantom 4+ got to about 10 ft, it began to descend and said it was a no fly zone. We did notice a small private plane fly over at just about that time. he usually descends when a plane is visible to give it the right of way, but never received that notice from the drone, nor had it descend on its own. The plane circled continuously while we were there, so we didn't shoot any drone footage. Is it possible that it was the plane that was causing it? My husband is very careful about not getting in the way of small planes.
  4. I agree with all you say. This realtor is a regular, although not a high volume client. He only does a few homes a year, but when he does, he goes for out most deluxe package, even on mid range homes. Yes, I do feel he is looking for a freebie here. He says he wants to promote my business in return. He already has recommended to me other realtors in his office, so at this point, he's offering something in exchange that he already does. I'm going to listen to what he has to say, and thank him for the suggestion, perhaps do a few of the locations - legally- but I'm not doing a major cinematic piece for nothing! I KNOW that people don't understand the editing that goes into producing a few minutes of video.
  5. Up to this point, I've been telling realtors we go by the FAA charts and stay out of restricted airspace. But this is somewhat a shady area, since he has made it clear he is not paying for the video, but thinks it would be good PR for both of us to put this on social media. Sounds commercial to me, promoting a business. I needed to think thru how to react to him, when we meet tomorrow. I'm still not sure where to draw the line on recreational flying. If we are on vacation, and we decide to take photos with the drone and print out a few photos to put in frames and hang at home? Or could that be considered flying and photography practice for our business?
  6. I own a real estate photography business. My husband got his part 107, and photographs homes as part of my business. A realtor asked if I'd be interested in creating a video of local sites. I cautioned him, that many are within 5 miles of the airport in no-fly zones. He said I only had to contact the airport. I decided to email the airport and ask for info and this is the answer I got: "From the description of your mission it sounds like you will be operating under FAR Part 107 (Commercial UAS) rules, is that your intent? If so, you do not need Port approval. The notification within 5 miles of an airport is specific to recreational operations. Commercial operations require an FAR Part 107 certification and may require airspace approval through the FAA. You can find the information here: https://www.faa.gov/Dronezone/" So I'm confused.... What is the defining factor whether it is recreational or Part 107? Can we say this is recreational, and post to Youtube, social media etc, and not get paid for it? Or is it automatically Part 107 because my husband is Licensed as such and we own a business. I'm read the info in the link, and I really don't see clarification. Thank you, Elaine