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  1. Couple questions: What's your asking price? Is there a separate shipping fee? Where is it shipping from? How many hours on the drone? Thanks.
  2. Hey Bill. My standard export size for pictures going into MLS is 2400 pixels on the long end. Lightroom, Photoshop, and Photomatix are a good mix of programs, but Luminar and some others can also be useful. Of all my clients I only upload to MLS for one client that gives me her login info and I charger her extra to do it. It's definitely not the norm. The local MLS here does not allow branded videos, so if yours has the same rules you'll want to create both a branded and un-branded version the video. Congrats on your new venture.
  3. Thanks Chuck. I'm one of those idiots that spent $1500 at Best Buy and yes, I am now a professional with the help of Alan's course and a crap-ton of research and practice. Why would you make a comment like that in a forum that's meant to be supportive? I originally bought the drone to supplement my real estate and commercial photography business with drone aerial photo and video, and that is going very well, but now I see other opportunities to get more return on my investment and step up the amount and number of billable hours. In addition to my own work, I'm now taking overflow from another pilot. He's a leader in the market and passing some excellent work to me, but so far I've seen nothing from directories other than bargain shoppers. Targeted networking and partnering has been most successful. Thanks Alan and Knoid for your responses.
  4. I'm researching where to list my information to get more drone jobs and am wondering which drone apps/directories bring you new business? I found Alan's article from a few years ago on directories, but I'd like to ask which ones actually get you business? Thanks in advance. Joey
  5. 1. It is now ****SOLD****. Thanks all for the interest. 2. I already have a nearly new P4P Pro v2 and don't need two both.
  6. Phantom 4 Pro for sale with very low flying time. Everything is included to fly except phone or iPad. Excellent condition. Purchased as a backup and flown for about 5 hours by a licensed pilot for real estate work. $800 plus $50 shipping from Tucson, Arizona Whats included. (1) DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone (1) DJI Battery (8) DJI Propellers (1) Phantom 4 pro remote (1) Original Carrying Case (1) Wall Battery Charger (520) 200-5858
  7. My number just appeared this morning, 2 days shy of one month after taking the test.