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  1. You haven't shared any details on the airspace you are working in, so I can't give much specific advice, but here goes: No on #1. #2 is yes, you can get wide-area authorizations and long term authorizations for specific areas, but you will have to do the work and submit for them manually. For example, I have a large commercial development in DMA Class C airspace (Air Force base) marked as 0 altitude with no ability to submit for authorization in LANCC. I now have a standing authorization to fly at 150' for the next 2 years. This makes sense for me as there are may people that need ae
  2. Given what you've shared, I'd say a compelling email is a good start with an offer to try you out, taking care not to "cheapen" your services where they expect a deal every time. Often they will try someone new, especially if you have some good work to show them. Do some research on who to contact - the luxury real estate market uses our services the most. You'll have the most luck with them. Others will debate this, but you may want to do a job for free here and there, depending on your level of experience and if you have a portfolio already. Also look at commercial real estate brokers.
  3. I can't speak to what's on the UAV Coach website, but I would think you'd want to go by Georgia State Parks says on their website:,ways help promote the sites. See the last entry on the page titled Drones. Looks like drones are prohibited unless you have a waiver, for commercial purposes, with permission from the division director.
  4. Hi all. I am getting ready to submit an analysis and recommendations to increase altitude limits for some grids around Davis Monthan Air Force Base. Has anyone in the group successfully submitted a request like this to an AFB or to the FAA directly? Thank you.
  5. Odd question I know, but I know some areas are not LAANC enabled. Can a recreational flyer file for a wide-area authorization through FAA Drone Zone?
  6. Good to know. I'm sure the Evo II will be a big improvement. For now I'm keeping my money.
  7. I'm disappointed with the Evo 2 delay, but I'm glad because it's given me time to do a bit more research. I was ready to buy the Evo 2, but now I'm going to wait for the Mavic 3 instead to make a decision. Now that I've seen some more in-depth comparisons with the Evo 2 vs the Mavic 2, I have serious reservations on the Evo 2, particularly with video quality.
  8. Cool video. You certainly have some nice scenery to work with!
  9. Welcome @Bill G, and congrats on your impending retirement.
  10. @Kamau54 Welcome to the forum. SW Michigan...I spent some time in St. Joseph/Benton Harbor. Gorgeous area, but COLD! I bet you'll get some beautiful footage around the lake when it warms up. I posted an article on LinkedIn the other day, How To Stay Out Of Trouble With Your New Drone. You may have learned all this already but it's a quick and you may find it useful. Happy flying. Looking forward to seeing some of your work.
  11. I'd use those filters to capture some awesome Arizona sunsets for sure.
  12. Ditto on talking to folks in person. Identify a problem, offer a solution. Go for the low hanging fruit - higher volume, luxury real estate, commercial real estate, and construction. Pick the ones you want to work with, then offer them something of value.
  13. I don't consider myself an expert on the laws, but I do have my part 107 and the FAA does say you cannot fly a small UAS over anyone not directly participating in the operation, not under a covered structure, or not inside a covered stationary vehicle. If you do a little research into approved waivers, you'll see they are also adamant you can't fly over moving vehicles unless with approval on a closed set. You can watch the footage and make your own determination as to whether these rules were broken. Could it be done legally by FAA rules? You bet. You can get pretty close to movin
  14. Hey Chad. @Av8Chuck is correct - there is no standard nor requirement to have a manual. You are correct - there is little out there to give you guidance (HINT @Isabella | UAV Coach and @Alan Perlman, maybe a future blog post or guide with a starter template?) Getting started I wouldn't spin your wheels on it. Put a good checklist in place that covers safety and procedures for equipment and operations. If and when you start working with bigger clients or government agencies, you may need something more robust. I put mine together because I needed a Safety Management System to get a waiver,
  15. Couple questions: What's your asking price? Is there a separate shipping fee? Where is it shipping from? How many hours on the drone? Thanks.
  16. Hey Bill. My standard export size for pictures going into MLS is 2400 pixels on the long end. Lightroom, Photoshop, and Photomatix are a good mix of programs, but Luminar and some others can also be useful. Of all my clients I only upload to MLS for one client that gives me her login info and I charger her extra to do it. It's definitely not the norm. The local MLS here does not allow branded videos, so if yours has the same rules you'll want to create both a branded and un-branded version the video. Congrats on your new venture.
  17. Thanks Chuck. I'm one of those idiots that spent $1500 at Best Buy and yes, I am now a professional with the help of Alan's course and a crap-ton of research and practice. Why would you make a comment like that in a forum that's meant to be supportive? I originally bought the drone to supplement my real estate and commercial photography business with drone aerial photo and video, and that is going very well, but now I see other opportunities to get more return on my investment and step up the amount and number of billable hours. In addition to my own work, I'm now taking overflow from ano
  18. I'm researching where to list my information to get more drone jobs and am wondering which drone apps/directories bring you new business? I found Alan's article from a few years ago on directories, but I'd like to ask which ones actually get you business? Thanks in advance. Joey
  19. 1. It is now ****SOLD****. Thanks all for the interest. 2. I already have a nearly new P4P Pro v2 and don't need two both.
  20. Phantom 4 Pro for sale with very low flying time. Everything is included to fly except phone or iPad. Excellent condition. Purchased as a backup and flown for about 5 hours by a licensed pilot for real estate work. $800 plus $50 shipping from Tucson, Arizona Whats included. (1) DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone (1) DJI Battery (8) DJI Propellers (1) Phantom 4 pro remote (1) Original Carrying Case (1) Wall Battery Charger (520) 200-5858
  21. My number just appeared this morning, 2 days shy of one month after taking the test.