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  1. Thanks Alan, great to meet you as well. As I stated previously, I am carefully examining the drone industry’s various pathways that one can go down. I don’t quite know the best way to go about beginning to get my foot in the door, so to speak, but I figure I have to start somewhere. I was thinking of perhaps starting by purchasing a ‘MAVIC PRO’ drone and wanted to get your input on whether this would be a good start drone to begin with. Of course, I also have to start training to get Part-107 licensed. Looking forward eagerly to get started. May be a delay in actually
  2. Hi, my name is James and I am from Southeast LOUISIANA. I have owned, flown, crashed and burned a few RC Airplanes over the years and now have developed an interest in drones and am entertaining the idea of getting Part-107 licensed, buying an entry-level drone, like a Mavic Pro & perhaps make an attempt at some photography, videography, and other business aspects that utilize drones. I do not currently own a drone........, well, that’s not exactly true, I recently bought a very cheap imitation drone for about $40 which mimics a Phantom-4, but is more of a toy