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  1. Good day gentlemen, I think a good start may be to ask around to people you already know in marketing/real estate/ect, (anything really) and offering to shoot something for them for free. It will be a start to creating a track record of providing services that you can refer to when you pitch clients later on and a good way to practice the procedures you plan to take when you conduct a real operation (as being unpaid you can feel free to make mistakes and adjust the game plan to what works best and is most professional). Explain to your contacts how you think aerial photography may add value to them and offer to take some pictures and there should be no reason you won't be met with a welcoming response. Those people will eventually turn into word of mouth for you and in the meantime get your website, social media, permit applications, legalities, ect. put together so when its time to launch you will be more than ready and already have some experience to work from. Best of luck to you all
  2. Uaviator53, I just wanted to comment to say I saw the state of your website when you first posted above, and it looks a hundred times more attractive and professional now. Great job in fixing that up
  3. Strictly a personal opinion, but I will not use anything other than DJI. I've tried other brands like Walkera and APM based ones which are nice to play around with or learn on, but DJI products are without question professional and reliable. There is a wealth of information available for DJI products and almost every possible problem that can occur, most likely someone has had, solved, and shared the solution somewhere. A lot of aftermarket parts, apps, and software are also made with DJI products in mind as well, if not exclusive only to them. DJI also has status in this industry and when it comes to getting insurance, permits, jobs, ect., and other parties want to know what system you are using you won't have any problems saying you roll with DJI. I've never used Yuneec so I can't speak for them but nevertheless don't cheap out on equipment. Spend a bit more and have peace of mind your equipment is going to function properly.
  4. Hi Dohara Would you mind sharing a copy of your SOPs with me as well? Thanks!
  5. Hello community First off, I appreciate the invitation into this supportive community and I'd like to take this opportunity to brainstorm some goals as well as current, future, and ongoing challenges. As we are still at the start line there are many challenges yet to come, but without question, I think scalability is going to be the biggest challenge for me and my team. As with any services related business, the amount of work you can take on is limited to your time, and figuring a way to scale it into something big, while maintaining quality and professionalism, is going to be difficult. At this point in time, we have many ideas and a lot planned, but nothing fixed in particular as things with certainty will never go as planned. All that is left is to execute, and I would love to update here (and more importantly read updates of others) as things progress. Ultimately, the goal is to take our business and technology once established overseas, namely Asia -Thailand and Japan, which is where I spent most of my adult working life and see big opportunity for this tecnology. Nevertheless, things will definitely get interesting in our industry as this burgeoning technology becomes more and more widespread. On a side, I noticed some other entrepreneurs/UAV pilots in this community are having some challenges getting smaller 'chore' jobs done which is consuming their time they would rather spend flying or marketing their services. I find Fiverr (fiverr.com) very useful in this sense as you can outsource small jobs halfway around the world for a mere $5. I got my logo (see picture) made quite professionally for just $5- a lot better than I could have done and it certainly saved me a lot of time. You can outsource anything from accounting to creating a website quite cheaply, depending of course on how much you trust the system. Just a thought anyways. (I'm not affiliated with them in anyway or trying to solicit but it helped me so just thought I'd share) Cheers! J
  6. J

    F550, no lift.. any suggestions?

    FIXED! @Spitfire76 thanks for the responses. The solution, in case anyone has a similar problem, was that it seems that the settings on my throttle were being limited (Probably by default if not by me by accident). THR_MAX was set at 80. The correct value should apparently be 800-1000 (1000 for 100% value), so I tried changing it to 1000 and lo and behold it took off! Flies beautifully!
  7. J

    F550, no lift.. any suggestions?

    Thanks for the responses! I got all ESCs calibrated (I noticed my ESCs communicate at 50-450hz, so I tried changing the FC_SPEED setting from 490hz (default) to 250hz and it calibrated much better. All 6 motors are spinning, but.. it appears theres still no lift.. I added a video if anyone is interested and that by the way is 100% throttle. I apologize for the bad video quality, not sure why it turned out that way as it was much nicer quality on the phone. IMG_3277.3gp
  8. J

    F550, no lift.. any suggestions?

    Hey guys thanks for the replies. I re-wired the unit according to the X6 layout on the APM website below beginning with M1 on the right, M2 on the left all the way til M6 bottom left as the X6 diagram shows and it seems to have fixed the problem. http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/connect-escs-and-motors/ The hexa seems to want to fly now, (got 2 motors spinning on one side and it flipped on its back) but I can't get all motors to calibrate. I only get half the motors working - different motors each time I try calibrating the ESC so its not a particular motor that is bad. Anyone know a fix? Thanks
  9. J

    F550, no lift.. any suggestions?

    @Alan Perlman Thanks for your reply Yes, the motors revs up and everything seems normal, except the fact that the multi-rotor is still on the ground.
  10. Hey guys Just finished building a f550 hexacopter (APM flight controller and Flysky ia6 receiver). After getting it set up and calibrated (ESC calibration, radio calibration), things were going swimmingly and I was prepared to take it out for a fly. I started it up, throttled up, and the multi-rotor revved up and.. just sat there. I've triple checked the direction of the motors (CW, CCW, CW, CCW, CW, CCW), as well as the mounting of the props that it is pushing into the air as opposed to into the ground, and all seems to be well. Battery is a 11.1V 4400MAH 3S battery, standard, that came with the kit, fully charged, and the throttle does indeed work. It feels as if it should just lift off but perhaps the weight is holding it down, but that can't be the case since I have not added anything to the frame. If anyone has any suggestions or has experience something similar please help! On a separate issue, regarding calibrating ESCs with the APM controller, I have a problem where sometimes when I calibrate the ESC only 2,3, or 4 of the rotors will spin, with the other 2 sitting there not moving. When redoing the calibration, different rotors spin and different ones are left stationary (leaving out the possibility of a particular ESC being faulty). Eventually I can get them all to spin after re-calibrating many many times, but if someone knows what the problem is perhaps they can share. Thanks! J