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  1. Just found this on the Autel site and the price is ok but I have no clue what ‘stops’ are or ND4,8,16. Anyone got an easy button on this one? Here is the copy from the description This Polar Pro Shutter Collection includes: ND4 (2-Stops) ND8 (3-stops) ND16 (4-stops)
  2. Looking for some basic filters for the Evo cam. I see sets running over $70 but not even sure what size and thread pitch fits the Evo (is it just a basic size). Being in Fl and only flying during daylight I get a lot of bright days and using it for home roof inspections I just need a decent set without a ton of really deep specifics. Anyone got a few specific kit model numbers to pass on? Thanks.
  3. I'm researching my butt off and am getting more and more confused and answers from the FAA and AirMap aren't the quickest so lets try this. Since LAANC is is available in portions of my area, does a P-107 pilot still need a COA to operate or can I just request through AirMap a day/week or so prior to flying? I plan on operating IAW all regulations and altitudes on the Facilities map, but why is there so much talk about COAs still if AirMap is authorizing? Is LAANC just a notification path for the ATCs so they don't have to field every PICs calls they are flying in their airspace? I got this response back from AirMap saying they do not confirm whether a requestor has a COA so, these days, do I still need a COA? Airmap Email excerpt: 1) Submissions through the FAA Portal are directly processed with the FAA, AirMap does NOT assist with the processing of authorizations/waivers in the FAA Web Portal.2) Automated Authorization via AirMap app are brokered through AirMap and forwarded to FAA systems to verify if your flight plan conforms to the Part 107 requirements. AirMap does NOT verify if you have an existing COA with the FAA before approving/denying and does NOT check if you are within the guidelines of the facilities altitude limitations based on the UAS Facility Map (Without a COA). Compliance with Part 107 regulations and altitude restrictions are verified with the FAA system and does not require an existing COA from the drone operator. With all my airports, 7 total across 3 counties, 1- Class B, 2 Class D, 3 Class E and 1 Class D military base... LAANC is only in effect at the Class B and one Class D airports. I submitted a Wide Area COA but now realize it's going to get denied probably! Is there an easy button to truly clear up the LAANC purpose and COA requirement? Thanks for any help.
  4. Hey all... I just submitted my first COA for airspace use and couldn't find anything other than DroneZone to do so? Reading a lot of posts here and see many talking about LAANC contractors but couldn't absolutely determine if there is a separate contractor's page to submit to. I see the AirMap app says you can get realtime authorization but the FAAs site still says DroneZone is the only authorized submission site. 1. Is anyone up to speed on this given the new changes with LAANC? 2. When the submission at DroneZone goes in does it get reviewed by contractors with the companies listed on the FAAs LAANC page pasted below? "Approved LAANC UAS Service Suppliers The following companies have completed the technical steps required and entered into agreement with the FAA to provide LAANC Services: AirMap Harris Corporation Project Wing Skyward Thales Group" 3. Is AirMap just for single missions and not COAs? 4. Has anyone received a "Blanket Area / Wide Area" approval since the FAA Facilities Map release showing updated AGL approved levels? 5. Has anyone received a "Blanket Area / Wide Area" approval for multiple airports with overlapping airspace? I appreciate any info anyone can provide to make this process a little easier for a Newbie. Fly safe and if you absolutely have to... hit something cheap!