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  1. Hi Mike This topic is resonates with me as it is what basically our company was founded on. I am disabled and my husband retired from being a fixed wing captain for the airlines to care for me full time. His passion for flying coupled with mine for reading and research led us to Drones. My husband is a fixed wing examiner and an examiners examiner so he finds the rules and regulations side pretty straight forward. My mobility is better some days than others as is my mental health. I am very slow on both fronts at times yet pretty good at other times, very unpredictable. We have discussed possibilities of teaching and training for others with disabilities and it is something we agreed I would actively research..... It's a start from scratch project so that's our intention. Given disability benefits are mediocre in the UK my thoughts are to research and contact where and how funding could be made available for others with disabilities to kick start what could be a whole new career or at the very least a rewarding and enriching hobby. Teaching and training requires time and patience as does learning. I'm not a drone pilot but that is through choice I have an expert partner don't want to nick his job lol. My job - Researcher, Pilot observer, 2nd checker Equipment, splicer, music or narration chooser, can carrier lol. Love my job it fits around my health and has improved it immensely. We are Exhibiting at the NEC Birmingham on the 7th and 8th Nov 2018 Farm business innovation. Be like a bumblebee not built aerodynamically to fly and wings too small, nobody told them they couldn't fly so they fly regardless..... They know their own strength!!
  2. Hi everyone Im Pamela a researcher for UK Drones. My husband and I started the company which evolved from our hobby of Salmon fishing in Scotland ?we are based in North Yorkshire England UK. We are operating Yuneec H520 at the moment (we call him TANGO 2) Tango 1 malfunctioned and bit the dust at a friends farm R.I.P ? Interested in all aspects of Drone deployment commercially and recreation, drone racing inclusive. Shaun my husband is retiring as a fixed wing commercial pilot fully early 2019 ??? Here to learn as much as possible as we find the UK to be a little backward on the whole Drone scene ? Hope to be able to contribute to the Forum too. A big hello to everyone from here at UK Drones Stokesley Pamela and Shaun ? ?