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  1. Same thing here. I asked my customers (mainly realtors) the same question and it is because they don't know what to do with them... Even though I gave a thorough explanation of how they can benefit them. It's too new to them. I believe the more they see aerial Panos the greater the demand.
  2. Just took the recurrent yesterday, and here are a few questions I was given but don't believe were listed (forgive me for them not being worded exactly as on the test): -Are you able to register your Drone with the FAA if it's registered in a different country? *Yes, if it's for a commercial operation *Yes, if it's for a hobbyist operation only *No, you cannot register in the U.S. if it's registered in a different country -Is flying under Part 107 a: *civil operation *public operation *(I forget the third option but it was clearly wrong). -You experienced an emergency situation. What's a good way of knowing you followed the correct procedures? *Ask your VO *A checklist *The ntsb manual There were about 3 or 4 questions about cfr part 48 I wasn't expecting because I fly part 107, but I believe I got right due to common sense. I missed 2 questions on the test, so JUST IN CASE I was wrong, it's best I don't give the answers I chose! The list they posted on this site is extremely accurate, as I had most of those questions. MOST questions were about reading charts in the book... Airspace & determining max flight altitudes of objects around airports. I'll post more if I can think of them. Hope this helps.