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  1. Hi All, Am trying to get more traffic to my web-site ( and am considering the use of google ads to attract real-estate, construction, and inspection types of clients. Was wondering if any of you have tried or are using this service? If so would appreciate your thoughts on the subject and other approaches you may have tried to drive traffic to your web-site. Thanks in advance - Tom
  2. When using a visual observer, what techniques and technology have been found to be the most effective when the mission requires of vo?
  3. how have you approached potential clients? were they open to you or had they been approached by others and said no thanks?? Good luck!
  4. Sounds like you have given a lot of thought to the business operations and risk.... what business are you going after? seems like you might want to generate a stable revenue stream before investing too much time / $$ in the backend activities. best of luck !
  5. Thx for the input i bought the mavic 2 zoom and am completely amazed at the stability and quality of video and images (after 1 flight) looking forward to to learning how to use this technology and what it can do
  6. Hi, I am contemplating a drone purchase and am having a difficult time determining the value of the P4 vs M2. From information seen, it seems the M2 has as many or more features than the P4P. I have never operated either one but would be interested in perspectives of this group. Is M2 considered just a hobby drone? What can you do with the P4P that you can't with the M2? Does the P4P provide additional flexibility (other cameras, thermal imaging, etc). Also, is the P4 series about to be superceded with the next gen P5? Thanks in advance.