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  1. Thank you Luke, I appreciate the warm welcome and I look forward to learning everything I can from all of you!
  2. Hey everyone just wanted to say hello. I am new to the industry and I passed my part 107 a little over a week ago. I am waiting for my temp certificate currently. I own a Phantom Pro 4 V2 and a Mavic Air. I live in the Dallas area and I am looking to do aerial imagery full time. I have taken professional photos on the ground lol for about 7 years now and I am looking forward to this up and coming industry. Has anyone had any issues with the Altitude program for autonomous missions? I read that it has lead to some people having crashes.... is litchi better? Hopefully the FAA will hurry up with my temp certification. Has anyone flown for insurance companies after natural disasters? I tried to upload some photos but it looks like they are to big. Currently working on a website... it’s accessible but per the message I have up it’s coming soon :) www.differentperspectivemedia.com I look forward to learning from everyone on here! -David