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  1. All, I have a Matrice 600 for sale that was only used twice for testing a Z30 setup. Less than 1 hour total. Everything needed for a pro setup. The kit includes the following: - New DJI Matrice 600 -Ronin MX Gimbal Stabilized Camera. - including the A3 and Lightbridge 2 built-in - 1 Ronin-MX gimbal - 2 sets of TB47S batteries (12total) - (1) 6 Pack Charger Adapters with AC Cable - 2 DJI Lightbringer 2 Controllers The Matrice was flown with a Z30 with amazing results and I would keep the setup if I could, but I am getting out of the business and need the space. I have over $11K in the equipment, and am asking $8k, but willing to negotiate. No reasonable offer will be refused. Photos: I can be reached at or through the forum. Thanks