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  1. What’s the limitation? Does the RC have an integrated display?
  2. Good clarification! I plan to visit a DJI dealer North of Seattle that, I think, has P4-RTK’s available. I plan to ask about the SIM card issue. I’ll let you know what I learn.
  3. I ask a similar question on another forum and was told the RTK equipment on the M210 has issues that impair mapping quality. The P4P-RTK is much better for mapping. The RTK advantage on the M210 helps with positional accuracy when flying near metal obstacles. So I was told. I’ve decided to buy the P4-RTK in Q1 next year.
  4. I live about 20 miles north of Portland, Or. I'm mostly retired though I run a small web agency that specializes in building secure WordPress websites. I am an experienced photographer. Initially I was thinking a drone would be a great way to add to my photo and video skills, but now I'm open to other business opportunities. In an earlier life I spent several years assisting the Pierce County Sheriff's department with search and rescue operations. Maybe there's a job for a drone in SAR. I want to explore what's possible. I recently bought a slightly used Mavic Air with the intention of using it as my "training drone." Once I build some reasonable flight skills I will start studying for the FAA Part 107. After a bit of time proving I can make money at this, then I'll go shopping for a bigger drone, possible a Mavic 2 Pro or a Phantom 4 Pro 2. So, I'm here to learn as much as I can. And if there are any of you that are in my area, I would love to meet up and do some flying together.