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  1. GA, Thanks for the information. Regarding Aerotas: They charge by the job and based on their reports regarding jobs that they have done for other surveyors, they seem reasonable. I guess the number of photos will vary by job. They have a upload system that they use for the photos. I think that they have different deliverables, including ortho-images and digital surface models. Most important for me is that they claim to be able to deliver AutoCad drawings with contours and various linework for survey maps. Also, they brag about having experts involved in the processing, and not just having a 100 percent automated process. Regarding your question about Nadir and Oblique, I don’t know. Here is the link to Aerotas: https://www.aerotas.com/ Trey Swann over there has been very helpful.
  2. I own a land surveying company in California and am interested in using drones for topographic mapping (ending with AutoCad data and linework). I know that the processing of the photographic information is a major part of the job, and I am looking at ‘Precision 3d Topo’ by Carlson Software and the processing services of Aerotas. I like these two since they target surveying applications specifically. Does anyone have experience with either of them? Any comments about them?
  3. I am a licensed land surveyor in California. I own a land surveying company, and am active in Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo Counties. I am studying with the hope of getting a drone license in the next month or two. Still I don’t have any equipment, software, or experience piloting a drone, and I am getting requests for drone surveys, which is mostly topographic mapping to result in AutoCad linework. I was wondering if anyone out there would be willing to do the flying, photography, and potentially the processing on a subcontracting basis. Please feel free to email me at soloff@aol.com, or call me at 310-729-9606.