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  1. Thanks for the compliment @AncientAirship! I just realized I've been negligent and have not posted any of my work for months. Lemme rectify that: Anyway, to answer your question local market demands should somewhat drive where you spend your creative energy. There are never enough motion VFX artists to go around, so that is certainly something that is a worthwhile skill to have. My real estate clients generally don't know what they want in terms of VFX and motion graphics. There are a handful who are super concerned about their own personal branding, but beyond that as lon
  2. I agree wholeheartedly Jonathon. The A7 series, despite being 8-bit, are still very capable cameras. The only challenge I see with 8-bit is that you have to get exposure right since there's less wiggle room in post.
  3. So I've had a Skydio 2 for two weeks now and I thought I'd join the conversation now that I have time flight time. Keep in mind my perspective (and reason for purchasing the drone) as a real estate videographer. Bottom line up front: while impressive from an engineering and autonomy standpoint, the S2 is not quite ready for professional use just yet. There are still some bugs that need to be squashed before it's ready to go: The good stuff: The S2 is very well built and elegantly designed. The person & car tracking are impressive, especially when coupled with the obstacle av
  4. First video of 2020! The M2P was on exterior footage duties as usual. Fun BTS facts - all sun, steam, snow, and sun rays were added in post. Gotta make these places look good!
  5. I used lights in just about every shot except the living room. The lights were a mix of a Dracast 1000, a FalconEyes SO-48, and smaller lights like the Aputure AL-F7 for accents. That was also the last job that I did with my GH5. Now that I'm on the A7iii I'm finding less need for additional lighting which is very nice. In fact I overlit my first A7iii job because I underestimated the dynamic range that camera is capable of!
  6. I actually ditched the GH5 to go to the A7iii because of the lack of dynamic range. It’s not a problem on outdoors or indoors with lots of light, but in the mixed lighting situations we typically see in real estate, I was not getting great results. Admittedly, I miss the 10 bit color and 4K/60 Of the GH5 but with the ease in editing and dynamic range with the A7iii shooting in SLOG2, I have not looked back. Great timing for choosing either Sony or Panasonic as both are on sale for the shopping weekend!
  7. Fair rate is always difficult to quantify on a message board such as this since it's affected by so many elements like location, usage, complexity of the flight, time of flight, size of the project, image licensing, et cetera. For example what I can realistically charge for a project like you describe where I live (S. Wyoming) goes up significantly if I drive an hour to the south into the Denver metro area. It goes up even higher if the location is remote and in the middle of nowhere. So while I've done jobs like you describe, my rate has been anywhere from $200 to $2500 depending on
  8. Thanks Chuck. There was a religious organization that held sports camps there, but the property was abandoned two years ago. The client is an investor who recently bought it from a holding company.
  9. Here's a retreat property I got to shoot last weekend. Not everything was 'camera ready' so my client only wanted me to hit the good areas. The client was also pretty heavy handed in the editing and lower thirds, which is okay since that's our job right? I don't get too wrapped up with very direct feedback like this client gave anymore, since at the end of the day I can always make a Director's Cut if the changes mean that much to me. Anyways, here is it:
  10. Nice and welcome to the boards! I've used (and frequently use) all three shots from your video. Also my hat's off to you for starting a YT channel. Putting yourself out there is not easy, so way to go with being a contributor and not just a consumer like me! You're clearly comfortable with yourself on camera and you come across that way. My critiques are with your drone shots. This is just my opinion, so take it for what it's worth. 1:05 - this clip judders like it was shot in 30p and imported into a 24p timeline without any optical flow or retiming. I'd recommend slowing the
  11. Here's my latest. The Mavic 2 Pro continues to be my workhorse and was responsible for all the exterior shots in the video. For the interiors, I'm still getting used to working with a new camera (A7iii) and shooting/grading in slog2. There weren't any noteworthy views, so I opted to let the windows blow out.
  12. This one was interesting because normally I don't get hired for $200K houses. In this case, the property is located in Albin, Wyoming which is a very small town on the Nebraska border. It's about 45 minutes from Cheyenne so the agent figures that this would be the best way to get prospective buyers to see the beauty of the place without doing a lot of showings for the "just looking" crowd. I think his reasoning is spot on.
  13. LOVE the night shots! Any special techniques with the drone settings and/or editing those?