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  1. I agree wholeheartedly Jonathon. The A7 series, despite being 8-bit, are still very capable cameras. The only challenge I see with 8-bit is that you have to get exposure right since there's less wiggle room in post.
  2. So I've had a Skydio 2 for two weeks now and I thought I'd join the conversation now that I have time flight time. Keep in mind my perspective (and reason for purchasing the drone) as a real estate videographer. Bottom line up front: while impressive from an engineering and autonomy standpoint, the S2 is not quite ready for professional use just yet. There are still some bugs that need to be squashed before it's ready to go: The good stuff: The S2 is very well built and elegantly designed. The person & car tracking are impressive, especially when coupled with the obstacle avoidance. On obstacle avoidance quality and how its integrated into the flight dynamics, I feel the S2 is by far the best on the market. The bad stuff - user Interface: There's no histogram, no zebras, no white balance, and no indication of exposure on the main flight screen. Hand controller: The drone drifts after releasing the controls and there's no way to adjust this in the flight control app. It's particularly bad when ascending and descending. The drone will drift another four or five feet after control release - something that strangely does not happen when only using the phone as a controller. **Note that using a phone and its weak wifi link as a controller for RE photography is not an option for a variety of flight safety reasons. You cannot take RAW photos when using the hand controller. You have to reach up and hit the soft key on the flight screen. According to Skydio this is a known bug. Initial C2 linking with the hand controller is sporadic and unpredictable. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't. Image quality: The S2's camera posted some extremely impressive results for a 12MP camera when compared to DJI's 1" sensor 20MP cameras by Nomicam: Unfortunately, the RAW still photos from the S2 are laden with artifacts, moire, and banding. The video image quality is extremely good, but is over sharpened. This would be okay if there were a way to adjust sharpness in the flight control app, but there isn't. There are some other minor quirks like the drone automatically shooting video from the moment you take off, so you always get an extra clip with every flight. The drone also won't take off at night, which seems weird to me since supposedly some PD in California (Chula Vista?) is using the S2. The bottom line with the S2 is that all the hardware pieces are there for this to be a GREAT drone. Skydio just needs some firmware tweaking and additional features in the app to get to the point where this can be used for routine RE photo & video work. I made Skydio HQ aware of all my observations about a week ago and got an email response stating they were going to share my thoughts with the team.
  3. First video of 2020! The M2P was on exterior footage duties as usual. Fun BTS facts - all sun, steam, snow, and sun rays were added in post. Gotta make these places look good!
  4. I used lights in just about every shot except the living room. The lights were a mix of a Dracast 1000, a FalconEyes SO-48, and smaller lights like the Aputure AL-F7 for accents. That was also the last job that I did with my GH5. Now that I'm on the A7iii I'm finding less need for additional lighting which is very nice. In fact I overlit my first A7iii job because I underestimated the dynamic range that camera is capable of!
  5. I actually ditched the GH5 to go to the A7iii because of the lack of dynamic range. It’s not a problem on outdoors or indoors with lots of light, but in the mixed lighting situations we typically see in real estate, I was not getting great results. Admittedly, I miss the 10 bit color and 4K/60 Of the GH5 but with the ease in editing and dynamic range with the A7iii shooting in SLOG2, I have not looked back. Great timing for choosing either Sony or Panasonic as both are on sale for the shopping weekend!
  6. Fair rate is always difficult to quantify on a message board such as this since it's affected by so many elements like location, usage, complexity of the flight, time of flight, size of the project, image licensing, et cetera. For example what I can realistically charge for a project like you describe where I live (S. Wyoming) goes up significantly if I drive an hour to the south into the Denver metro area. It goes up even higher if the location is remote and in the middle of nowhere. So while I've done jobs like you describe, my rate has been anywhere from $200 to $2500 depending on a variety of project considerations. Ultimately only you can determine what is fair, but these are some of the things you should think about when coming up with a price quote; of course this list is not all inclusive: How large is the project site? Your level of experience and training How many photos will you be expected to deliver? Will the photos need editing after you've shot them? What is the level of risk in flying the mission? (high risk = more pay) What are your costs? (Drone, insurance, training, etc) Travel associated with the project What is the deliverable method? Dropbox? USB stick? What is the expected project turnaround time? What are the licensing requirements of your client? How long will it take you to get the required shot list? Can this shoot be a package deal? All sites for the clients should equate to a lower cost. What is the client going to do with the photos once you've delivered? Is the work taxable in your state? (in WY construction monitoring is not) These are just a few price-affecting factors off the top of my head and I'm certain I'm missing things. Sorry I'm not giving you a specific dollar figure which I realize is all you want, but these elements I've listed above create the defensibility you're looking for if your client challenges you on price. Finally, as always with this type of relatively simple drone operation, you may be undercut by your 18-year old neighbor with his new Mavic Mini or some lowballer on Thumbtack. Don't get suckered into that game and don't feel bad about walking away if the pay isn't worth the effort.
  7. Thanks Chuck. There was a religious organization that held sports camps there, but the property was abandoned two years ago. The client is an investor who recently bought it from a holding company.
  8. Here's a retreat property I got to shoot last weekend. Not everything was 'camera ready' so my client only wanted me to hit the good areas. The client was also pretty heavy handed in the editing and lower thirds, which is okay since that's our job right? I don't get too wrapped up with very direct feedback like this client gave anymore, since at the end of the day I can always make a Director's Cut if the changes mean that much to me. Anyways, here is it:
  9. Nice and welcome to the boards! I've used (and frequently use) all three shots from your video. Also my hat's off to you for starting a YT channel. Putting yourself out there is not easy, so way to go with being a contributor and not just a consumer like me! You're clearly comfortable with yourself on camera and you come across that way. My critiques are with your drone shots. This is just my opinion, so take it for what it's worth. 1:05 - this clip judders like it was shot in 30p and imported into a 24p timeline without any optical flow or retiming. I'd recommend slowing the clip to 80% and applying some sort of frame interpolation like optical flow (I'm an FCPX guy, so I'm not sure what it's called in Premiere or Resolve). This clip also has barrel distortion - are you using a M2P? If so Film Poets has a free plugin that fixes M2P distortion when the camera is set to full FOV. 1:17 - same judder issue, but not as pronounced. Barrel distortion is definitely present. Unfortunately barrel distortion can be very obvious in tilt-up reveals. 2:13 - GREAT shot! I love this one. Something happens at the end of the clip and it starts to get stuttery like it's being slowed down without any frame interpolation. 3:03 - the next three clips stutter like they've been slowed to less than the project frame rate without any frame interpolation. Finally, all your drone shots seem under saturated. Punch the color and spice those babies up! Again, this is just one dude's thoughts and I'm by no means a virtuoso. Regardless I'd be interested to know what drone and editing software you're using. Great work!
  10. Here's my latest. The Mavic 2 Pro continues to be my workhorse and was responsible for all the exterior shots in the video. For the interiors, I'm still getting used to working with a new camera (A7iii) and shooting/grading in slog2. There weren't any noteworthy views, so I opted to let the windows blow out.
  11. This one was interesting because normally I don't get hired for $200K houses. In this case, the property is located in Albin, Wyoming which is a very small town on the Nebraska border. It's about 45 minutes from Cheyenne so the agent figures that this would be the best way to get prospective buyers to see the beauty of the place without doing a lot of showings for the "just looking" crowd. I think his reasoning is spot on.
  12. LOVE the night shots! Any special techniques with the drone settings and/or editing those?
  13. Here's some unique drone shots from recent jobs. I've come to the point where I actually prefer using the drone instead of a tripod if the shot calls for something higher than 6'.