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  1. Latest from here in the high plains. Weather has been an unpredictable and massive PITA these days (it's snowing today if you can believe that), so I've become better at faking nice days. Here's some of the behind the scenes VFX magic: 1. Driveway shot of sun through trees - fake blue skies and sun; it was overcast and rainy the day of the shoot 2. Sunrays coming through dining room window - fake; same weather as above 3. All images on TVs - fake, although Transformers was really playing in the media room Anyway, I enjoy these post production challenges. It's especially easy when the house is as gorgeous as this one.
  2. I'm not a lawyer, so take this all with a grain of salt. Like a grain of kosher salt. Anyway, looks like you may be SOL. As recently as six months ago Brendan Schulman of DJI participated in a panel in NYC highlighting the difficulties of drone utilization in the city. https://dronedj.com/2018/10/17/outdated-nyc-law-prohibits-drone-flying/ Additionally, I found the following article on a NYC law firm's website: https://www.gjllp.com/news/new-york-city-laws-on-flying-drones/ Wish I had better news.
  3. The BMPCC4K wouldn't be for flying, Chuck. I'm just adding to my ground camera bag. Between the Mavic 2 Pro and the X5S on the Inspire 2, my aerial cameras are more than sufficient for my current work. What type of drone are you using to fly the A7?
  4. As soon as I can find one, I'll be picking up a BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K to add to the camera bag. Its dynamic range is extremely impressive and I already have more than half a dozen MFT lenses.
  5. Another bare commercial lot video. These are very difficult for me from a storytelling aspect, so I'm largely relying on the client to provide the verbiage that will keep viewers engaged for 60 seconds. Upbeat music, speed ramps, and whip transitions help, but overall these types of videos are a big challenge. I used the Mavic 2 Pro for this shoot with an ND16 filter that I don't think was enough. After not getting the sharpness I would have liked for this video, I immediately ran out and bought an ND32 and ND64 set. For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, there is an aperture sweet spot for maximum sharpness for the Mavic 2 Pro's camera that is between f2.8 and f4. PolarPro did a good analysis of the Mavic 2 Pro's optimal f-stop settings at this link.
  6. I'll second what Chuck said - your work is extremely impressive. I'd also be grateful to see you participate with us in the thread Chuck posted since I'm a frequent poster myself. I've learned a lot and hopefully passed on a few tidbits of my own.
  7. That's my favorite one yet Jon! Nice work on getting a good balanced exposure between the interiors and exteriors when you're showcasing those views (wow! those views!). I also really like the night shots with the place all lit up. Superb work! Are you using a preset for the opening title or is that something you made in Motion?
  8. I generally find it very challenging to produce interesting real estate videos using only exterior shots. This project was no exception - a planned business park that has only one complete building. Although the building exterior looked totally finished, the building interior was literally just dirt and a couple of plumbing and power mains. I've never seen anything like it. This was my first time using CrumplePop's Easy Tracker to do the property lines. It was indeed "easy", so I'll probably be incorporating this technique into future projects. Another interesting challenge with this project was that it is in DJIs new approach and departure path geofenced areas. I followed the DJI Unlock website instructions, uploaded a copy of my wide area authorization, and had the unlock code within about 20 minutes. PRO TIP: I discovered the hard way that you need to be logged into the DJI Go 4 app on the CrystalSky in order to see the unlocks; it took me longer to figure this out than it did to get the unlock authorization from DJI. Doh! Anyway, I think this came off pretty well and the clients were happy:
  9. Thanks for the feedback Chuck. The day of the shoot was completely overcast, so those blue skies in the drone shots are total fakes (yay for color masks). I did the best I could with the interior light, plus I was dragging around a FalconEyes RX18 to provide some extra light for the rooms. The house was dark though since the skies were darkening all afternoon. When I cranked up the brightness in FCPX, I started getting noise, so I had to balance between the two issues. In the end, what you saw was about the best I could do given the totality of the circumstances I’m using a Panasonic GH5 with a 8-16 lens for my interior work. I just picked up a 15mm Sigma f1.4 that I’m looking forward to using for interiors on the next shoot.
  10. First RE video for 2019! Fun fact: this house had three offers within 5 days of listing.
  11. This has been my experience as well. Agents are busy people and are looking for a one stop shop. Like Bob, I transitioned from just drone photos to offering the whole enchilada - my business significantly increased once I did this. For me the drone has turned into just another camera in my kit. If you decide you want to get into standard RE photography, I highly recommend checking out Nathan Cool on youtube. He is a very successful photographer in CA that specializes in real estate. I dropped dropbox this year in favor of Cloudspot.io. It's a web-based photo delivery service that creates a very appealing client-facing website for each job where they can download and share photos and video. Good luck!
  12. Since the snow is starting to fall here in Wyoming and business is slowing down for the season, I figured it'd be a good time to put together some of my fav shots from this year: Enjoy! - Matt