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  1. This has been my experience as well. Agents are busy people and are looking for a one stop shop. Like Bob, I transitioned from just drone photos to offering the whole enchilada - my business significantly increased once I did this. For me the drone has turned into just another camera in my kit. If you decide you want to get into standard RE photography, I highly recommend checking out Nathan Cool on youtube. He is a very successful photographer in CA that specializes in real estate. I dropped dropbox this year in favor of Cloudspot.io. It's a web-based photo delivery service that creates a very appealing client-facing website for each job where they can download and share photos and video. Good luck!
  2. Since the snow is starting to fall here in Wyoming and business is slowing down for the season, I figured it'd be a good time to put together some of my fav shots from this year: Enjoy! - Matt
  3. Is there an app or something used to program the Tello?
  4. The vast majority of these (495) are ICBM launch facilities and Missile Alert Facilities in Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, and Wyoming. These are little postage stamps dotted across the plains in Class G airspace for the most part. One thing that makes me glad DJI is switching to a different map data provider for geofencing is their current inability to geofence anything other than a radius from a known point, whereas the National Defense Airspace boundaries are complex geometric shapes. DJI's programming team generally opted to make circles that overlapped the entire NDA, enveloping all the airspace around the area as well, regardless if it was controlled or not. US Air Force Academy, CO: I was gonna load up more examples, but I've exceeded my 1MB limit. =(
  5. It does, but unfortunately it’s prone to inducing jello when there’s significant bounce. I subscribe to Adobe After Effects solely for Warp Stabilizer, which is simply amazing. I’d love to find a non-Adobe alternative so I can get out of the higher priced tier since I’m a FCPX guy.
  6. Once FCPX hit 10.4, the speed ramps are far easier than they were before.
  7. Love the first drone shot! I'm gonna steal that one. Have you thought about ramping the speed jump on the drop in the first shot? It may look more flowy and less choppy. Just a suggestion.
  8. I've been collecting lighting with the proceeds from the last few shoots so I can replace my Lowe's LED work lights. I have this one on my shortlist: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07JGWGQVV/?coliid=I1GVGO59S4L1SE&colid=BDB9ZZVA87LE&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  9. My latest work. This was tough with the house being empty, but I think the results came off decently. Also @JBR - I held the camera lower based on your recent feedback. Thanks brother!
  10. Nice work as always JBR. I'm spending the winter polishing my interior skills so I can be a one stop shop for all the realtors next spring. I just picked up an XPLOR 600 to do the flashed shots and am working the photoshop blending techniques. It seems like the local realtors just want single vendor, so I'm hoping by offering everything business will pick up even more.
  11. This one's a little bit different. This local heavy industry company wanted to have a video showcasing their new facility here in Cheyenne. The video is a combination of Mavic 2 Pro, Inspire 2, and GH5 shots. Flying the Inspire 2 inside the facility was nerve wracking to say the least, but a very fun job overall. Also this experience convinced me to buy a slider for the GH5.
  12. Latest job. The realtor wanted some very specific branding and requested stylistic changes that were outside my normal tastes, so this was a great lesson for me in leaving my comfort zone to make the client happy. The video was shot with the Mavic 2 Pro and the Inspire 2/X5S with 12mm and 25mm Olympus lenses.
  13. Very nice! Not being aware of how the development market goes in Hawaii, will that area be developed relatively quickly?