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  1. LOVE the night shots! Any special techniques with the drone settings and/or editing those?
  2. Here's some unique drone shots from recent jobs. I've come to the point where I actually prefer using the drone instead of a tripod if the shot calls for something higher than 6'.
  3. This was a little challenging with the proximity to other houses and trees, but the Mavic 2 Pro came through again. There's a drone shot at the end where I had the drone on POI mode going clockwise around the house while I was manually climbing, making for a nice corkscrew shot. The M2P kept the camera pointed at the POI (the window above the garage) allowing me to very smoothly speed ramp the clip in post. On the non-drone side, I also whipped out the slider and 35mm lens for the first time to get three closeup shots during the video.
  4. Morning all! It's been a minute so here's a recent project. I'm still super happy with the Mavic 2 Pro's video quality, stability, reliability, and all the -ilities. Nothing too special about this video in terms of how I used the drone.
  5. I just donated it to the local fire department yesterday. Sorry!
  6. Typically it's a three-shot blend. The general procedure goes like this: 1. Ambient light, no flash shot ETTR (exposed to the right) 2. Flash shot ETTR - monolight for large rooms and speed light for everything else 3. Flash shot ETTR with gray card if I haven't shot that color room yet 4. Expose for view outdoors and blow out interior with flash for darken mode blending in PhotoShop If I need to get more flash elsewhere for weird shaped rooms, I have two speed lights that I can position wherever needed. Nathan Cool does a much better job explaining how these shots are done on YouTube. He's a Jedi at this type of photography.
  7. For interior shots, I'm all about the flash-ambient technique. I don't have the skills of Jon to single flash these and get it the way I like.
  8. And another, although admittedly this shot is a bit too high:
  9. I'll join in here Jon. I tend to use my Mavic 2 Pro for exterior stills more than most would imagine. I also do some ground photography, but looking at my last few projects the M2P is getting a lot of exercise. Biggest thing with exterior drone shots is not to include too much roof. I try to keep my altitude parallel with the edge of the roof:
  10. I've gotten the same from some of the homeowners who've been around when I shoot. And the houses look incredible. My typical response is , "Are you serious? Do you do contract work?!?!"
  11. Thanks! This particular client likes more upbeat music for their videos, so they have been pushing me out of my comfort zone lately (which is always a good thing). No big deal though - SoundStripe is paying for itself! I didn't use the Godox 200 for this shoot. The light was mostly a Falconeyes RX-18TD and occasionally an Aupture AL-M9. I'm still searching for a really bright bicolor LED panel since the Godox is only 5600k.
  12. This property was a bit tricky due to the trees, but the Mavic 2 excels in tight quarters. Editing tip: I shoot with the Mavic in h.265 DLOG with sharpness at +1, contrast and saturation at -1. I then use the DJI LUT to pull the colors out in post. This works extremely well about 95% of the time.
  13. Price drop to $1000 if anyone is interested. The GPC case is huge so you'll need to cover shipping.
  14. Great work as always! What made the structures unsuitable for interior shooting?
  15. Nice! I've been trying various tracking plugins to to TV and fire replacements, but am still struggling to find one that works consistently. I suppose I should buckle down like you and just keyframe it.
  16. I caught this one on your Vimeo feed and called my wife and son down to check it out. Very nicely done!
  17. Everything $1250 + shipping CONUS from 82009 The time has come to say goodbye to my trusty Inspire 1. She's become a hangar queen since last year and would be better off in someone else's fleet. I used this drone to launch my business back in 2016 and it has only been used for professional purposes since. I have maintenance records available upon request. This Inspire 1 was originally purchased in late 2015 and has been meticulously maintained (my wife would say obsessively) with a little under 16 flight hours on the clock. Last flight (other than test flying it today) was doing thermal roof inspections last summer. It's never been crashed or hard landed or flown away or abused. Kit includes: X3 camera 1 TB47 battery 5 TB48 batteries P-Squared QuadCharger portable rapid charger GPC landing mode case 1 controller 2 complete spare prop sets PolarPro ND Filter set I hope someone will enjoy this drone as much as I have. - Matt
  18. Another one as real estate season gets into full swing here in Cheyenne. The drone footage is all Mavic 2 Pro. There's a story currently going around the interwebz about disabling the GPS on the M2P for "buttery smooth shots" as the proponent author calls them. However I've been extremely impressed with some of the Mavic 2 Pro's GPS-enabled flight modes like point of interest. I see no reason why disabling the M2P's GPS would be necessary or even smart. The object tracking especially is very accurate and allows some of the more complex shots you see like the corkscrew coming around the back of the house. The house itself was a challenge to shoot. It has been empty for a while and hasn't been maintained or cleaned well. Sunflares and sunrays added in post are great at covering up dirty windows though! The gas to the fireplace was also off, so I added the fire in post. And I didn't want to mess with the home theater, so the glare from the projector was also added VFX. Anyway, this was a fun project to put together:
  19. Latest from here in the high plains. Weather has been an unpredictable and massive PITA these days (it's snowing today if you can believe that), so I've become better at faking nice days. Here's some of the behind the scenes VFX magic: 1. Driveway shot of sun through trees - fake blue skies and sun; it was overcast and rainy the day of the shoot 2. Sunrays coming through dining room window - fake; same weather as above 3. All images on TVs - fake, although Transformers was really playing in the media room Anyway, I enjoy these post production challenges. It's especially easy when the house is as gorgeous as this one.
  20. I'm not a lawyer, so take this all with a grain of salt. Like a grain of kosher salt. Anyway, looks like you may be SOL. As recently as six months ago Brendan Schulman of DJI participated in a panel in NYC highlighting the difficulties of drone utilization in the city. https://dronedj.com/2018/10/17/outdated-nyc-law-prohibits-drone-flying/ Additionally, I found the following article on a NYC law firm's website: https://www.gjllp.com/news/new-york-city-laws-on-flying-drones/ Wish I had better news.
  21. The BMPCC4K wouldn't be for flying, Chuck. I'm just adding to my ground camera bag. Between the Mavic 2 Pro and the X5S on the Inspire 2, my aerial cameras are more than sufficient for my current work. What type of drone are you using to fly the A7?