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  1. Hey All- I am new to video editing especially in 4k.. I have discovered that my current laptop (Windows 10 Pro Intel Core i5 2.53GHz with 8GB ram) cant really keep up. I am looking to upgrade and wanted to get any feedback and tips on what sort of machine is needed to keep up. Also being new to video editing what software is most industry friendly and user friendly? Thanks For Any Feedback, Shawn
  2. awesome!!! I have contacted a residential realtor and he let me know that currently he does not have any homes that he would want that kind of view (not nice yards/homes ect) but feels one might come up with a better view. Are you all having success with residential real estate or commercial? Thanks for all your feedback!!!
  3. I guess my biggest challenge is that with so many directions to go in.... where do you start? Internet presence? School Events? Free Trial Services?