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  1. Thank Luke. I'm really enjoying this whole new hobby!
  2. Oh sure, it's just I don't want to make others "suffer" through my videos. It's kind of like the old days when you subjected guests into watching a slide show of some vacation. But if I can come up with an interesting way of telling a story with the drone, then I'll "produce" one!
  3. Thanks Av8Chuck and JBR LIFE. Don't have plans to post other drone videos but you never know. Do appreciate your taking the time to view my first attempt.
  4. I'm new to this forum and new to drone flying. In August I bought my first drone, a Mavic Air, and after several weeks of getting my feet wet I put together a short video of my experience. Looking forward to being a part. If you have 3 minutes, check, it out.
  5. Hello folks. I just started flying a drone about 6 weeks ago. So much to learn and am happy to be a member here. Luckily for me I live on ten acres in the foothills of North Carolina so I have a great place to learn. There are lots of trees around but I also have open land. So far, no accidents. Yesterday I was excited to be able to fly at a private grass airstrip a few miles away. There I had 1,800 feet of open space to go back and forth without worrying about trees - well, except on either side of the strip. I've just recently retired from work life so have time to learn all I can about drone flying. I am studying for my Part 107 certificate, but there's no hurry.