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  1. Hi Redsun. These batteries have been stored together for well over 6 months with no issues. The case itself stopso oxygen and therefore cannot prevent a fire from occurring. I believe storing these batteries together is a single safe location is better than having them spread over multiple llocations.Besides, how do you think theyou'll are stored when shipped and warehoused? The best way to store them discharged as per the manual.
  2. I am happy to know that some of you will learn from my experience. Its the way we stop these things from happening more often and show the community that we are responsible and careful and accidents do happen which we do our best to avoid.
  3. Mine is ~$1500 for $10M public liability and about $7,000 in hull and equipment coverage. I am covered for transit, on ground and in the air. I was required to show my Controllers Cert and UOC to show I was legitimate. Not sure how many insurers will cover the hobbyist.
  4. Totally agree - I think this is an issue with this fail safe. Why fly back up to 60m when you are only 1ft off the ground. It was safer to stay where it was. But having said that, the drone doesn't know where it is so it must assume that the current location is not suitable for landing and that the safest place to be is back where it took off from.
  5. Another note. Time stands still when these things happen but its not enough to stop these things from happening...
  6. Thanks guys. @RemotelyPossible it is possible but no i havent checked as i left the battery with the repair shop. It got damaged in the crash so it is part of my claim.
  7. Hi guys, Had my first drone crash today. Luckily no one was injured and no property was damaged but the drone was damaged to the point of being written off. I was flying at a friends property and capturing some cool video of him riding up his driveway. It was the last shot of the day (as always). As the shot finished, the low battery warning came on, which was odd as the battery level was still around 35%. But I decided to land anyways because we were finished. When I was about a foot off the ground waiting for the drone to steady from the wash, the batter went to critical level and before I knew it, the drone initiated the return to home function and attempted to ascend to 60m. Unfortunately there were some powerlines directly above and the drone clipped the wires and plummeted to the ground. So: - Always be wary of your batteries levels - Remember to set your return to home function appropriately to the setting. In my situation it would have been better to turn it off completey as I was low the ground and there were lots of overhead obstructions - always be aware of your surroundings - Know your equipment - get insurance (hull - in flight, ground and transit + public liability) Next hurdle is to getting insurance for the drone. Wish me luck.
  8. After my flight today, I am all for less automation. Bring on manual flight.
  9. Thanks @RemotelyPossible. I do use filters and have the Inspire set of the PolarPro (8,16,32, PL, 8PL abd 16PL). On a good day I can actually get shutter speed down to 1/50 to 1/25 (and use a fps rate of 25 to match) using 8PL or 16PL). Makes for really nice footage. Thanks for the response and the work you have put into this.
  10. Thanks @RemotelyPossible. Any thoughts on the editing i.e. colour grading and the like. I did notice on some devices the playback was really green. I then just ran with it because it is after all Greenvalleys.
  11. Thanks. I found this very tricky as the action is a lot faster so I am flying faster and the added risk of hitting trees. This limited my shots to some extent. Also flying single operator meant the camera work wasn't the best. Also, I think the clip goes for too long but I wanted to try a longer edit. If it had of been shorter, you probably wouldn't have noticed the lack of some angle. My mate, who owns the farm is pretty happy with the video so that's what matters.
  12. Finally got to shoot some mountain biking. I would love to get your feedback.
  13. I am not sure of the terminology, but as @Uaviator53 suggests, ground effect does play a role in your landing. Basically, you are experiencing an increase in the performance of your UAV where there is increased lift (force) and decreased aerodynamic drag that UAV's propellers generate when they are close to the ground. The effect usually occurs within about 1 rotor diameter. You can play around with this but descending fast and when you get close to the ground let go and you will see the UAV float up a little. As a tip, try hovering near the ground for 5-10 seconds to stabilise your UAV before finally descending to land. Use caution if you are using cross sticks control to power off your UAV because if your timing is out, you can send the UAV into a spin or backwards which might be causing the topple. Just using the left stick only to power off. You could also try to catch your phantom - the landing gear is suitable for this. This will help with launching/landing skills in areas that might have limited space available. Good practice either way.
  14. Thanks @Orangutan39. I figured CASA were well ahead of the game but I think in the UAV arena, is still early days. I do believe operators under 2kgs will have greater restrictions as they'll be unable to seek additional permanent permits such as night flying, flying within 5.5k radius of airfield and operations within restricted areas - but this is not clear at this stage. Admittedly, high end video production (dual operator type productions), environmental surveys and other specialised work requires systems that exceed 2kgs, so the under 2kg will only really apply to those who want to go take photos and do other small productions. I'll just need to set myself apart by offering those services that others current with their current smaller systems.
  15. http://www.flightsafetyaustralia.com/2016/03/casa-to-cut-drone-red-tape/ Taking effect from 29 September 2016 commercial operators flying RPAs weighing less than two kilograms will not require an operator’s certificate or a remote pilot licence. I feel this is a bit of a kick in the guts. CASA have almost done a complete backflip on an over regulated industry to almost none at all. Soon the sky's of Australia will be filled with Phantom 4 and their pilots have not had any training or certification. During my training I learnt a lot about the aviation industry and how drones and manned aircraft interact. Basically these changes mean that drone operators with drones less than 2kg can fly without this knowledge. The other harsh reality is that an operator’s certificate costs somewhere between $5,000-$10,000 (AUD) and a remote pilot licence around $3,000 (AUD). So, those operators with Phantoms or other drones <2kg who just went through the 6 month process and forked out at least $10,000 are now told they didn't need to! I really think that all commercial drone operators should have to at least do some form of training i.e. remote pilot licence
  16. Hi @Alan Perlman, Yes it was a great event and I feel lucky to be part of it. Yeah I am disappointed because you want the footage that you capture to be portrayed the best way possible and respected. I feel this will reflect on my quality even though I had no control. I enjoyed all the shots and my favourites probably weren't used. Lesson learnt - make sure you have some input to the edit phase - even if its to review the draft and have some comment. I like one of the first shots coming back up the creek and it opens up the sky and the village a little.
  17. We recently volunteered our time to help out the Disabled Surfers Association by filming their annual south coast event. It was a great day and all those involved are very wondering and special people. Here is the video that was created for the day and involved us providing the aerial footage. I didn't edit this video and I honestly don't actually like the edit. But because the guy volunteered his time also, it was only fair to share the work. My main issues are they lack of colour grading (I did let him know that it was shot in log but he might not know what to do from there) and some of the clips contain poor camera work. To me the transitions are too much and the music would not be my choice. https://www.facebook.com/disabledsurfersassociationsouthcoast/videos/1059444187461134/ Let me know your feedback. Hopefully this video reminds us of how lucky and fortunate we are to be happy and healthy. It should also remind us that there are others out there who need our help and support. Cheers, Rylan
  18. Hi @Alan Perlman, Thanks for the feedback. I shot this using 1 battery (about 17mins flight time). I had another as a backup but ended up using that to take the stills. Couldn't have asked for a nicer afternoon. Nice and still and some gentle cloud cover to cut the glare. I found a good spot to launch from (in the clip you mention at 0.35s I am just behind the rock on the break wall). The set up was uncomplicated and away from the prying eyes! The girls were really keen to get filmed so it was super easy to coordinate. The original plan was to catch them riding waves but the surf was pretty heavy (you can see the swell as they are rowing). We planned it only a few days before and I just said for them to go about what they usually do. There wasn't much more to it than that. I had a story in my head and tried to get the shots to match. I did all the editing. I still need to work on music choice but that will come with time. I don't really like transitions but I should probably add some more to give it a smoother feel. Because my old laptop (RIP) couldn't handle the 4K I had to edit using proxies. Even then its still glitch so I create the export the first edit and watch it through then clip stuff I don't like. Once I am happy with the content, I then colour grade and add the music. I am very brutal with my footage. My clips are usually no longer than a minute and then I just crop out anywhere between 5-20secs of the good stuff - I cut out any strong camera movements or poor camera control or just issues with the shot. Then its just a matter of putting the clips in the right order and not putting the same style of shot one after the other. People tend to get bored after about 2 minutes so I tend to keep my clips about that short. My favourite part is around 30secs onwards where the ski paddler comes past during the overhead shot and in the next shot he is almost in the right position. The two clips were shot about 10 minutes apart but it just so happened that the ski paddler was in about the same spot for both shots (so It appears the shot was done continuously with 2 different cameras)! I got lucky!
  19. Far from what the titles suggests, this is some footage of the local girls surf boat team from Wollongong City Surf Life Saving Club. They call themselves Wildfire. This is shot on the day I also had issues with the stills but as you can see no image issues with the video.
  20. Thanks @Alan Perlman. After hiking in to see if we could shoot a waterfall (disappointed to find the area was too tight and risky to fly) we decided to kill some time filming a dead tree - very interesting. This was shot dual operator hence the smoothness and control.
  21. Hi @Silk Purse. There should be no motion blur. The shots were taken a hover as part of a pano. Low afternoon light lent to the higher ISO. There is no conversion - the Inspire saves both jpg and dng with each shot. I found the DNG to be fine but the jpg was way off.
  22. Hi, Has anyone experienced this? I took some photos today (Inspire X3) and when I reviewed the photos all the Jpgs seemed corrupt in that they appear fuzzy or blurry. But when I reviewed the DNG files, they all appear fine. Has anyone experienced this? File examples attached. Regards. Rylan DJI_0320.DNG
  23. The Inspire 1 firmware version number is updated to v1.7.0.90, the DJI GO app iOS version is updated to v2.7.1 and Android version is updated to v2.7.0. This applies to all versions. If it doesn't work - try it again. Here are the instructions: http://dl.djicdn.com/downloads/inspire_1/en/Firmware_Update_Guide_en_v1.4.pdf?sc_src=email_588225&sc_eh=57996f5e9269daec1&sc_llid=10044&sc_lid=13569164&sc_uid=6ROUgDapNz And here is the download: http://www.dji.com/product/inspire-1/info#downloads
  24. Good work @DroneLogbook. The new converter works well and Yves was very helpful in fixing my issues.
  25. Just playing around with some 120fps shots. https://instagram.com/p/BC71ozbQSZK/