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  1. Hi there! Recently lost an Inspire I v2 during a training mishap-complete hull loss. I was able to salvage about 75% of the parts that I am now offering here: Complete right side outrigger Motors and tubes from left side out rigger All body plastic 80% of all the wiring harnesses were saved Internal actuation assembly Flight controller and cooling fan Camera for the aircraft was not involved in the mishap Willing to sell it all as a bundle or on a part-by-par basis. Contact me with your requirement, along with a pic, and I will send you a pic of what I have on hand. I am making deals here, hate to see this stuff go as e-waste. -Eric
  2. Hi Av8Chuck; That is a good question, and I agree that there is likely some room for improvement in terms of accuracy. I do not use DJI apps to determine FLY/No Fly areas. First, I check the sectional, then confirm using Airmap, and then again using a spot location taken using the AirMap app. When I relate the Airmap map to the actual terrain features on the ground, it appears as though I am just outside the FRZ. On the actual sectional chart (SkyVector), the recorded lat/long using the AirMap app is within one minute of the coordinates on Skyvector for the same map spot (as as close I I can eyeball it). It would probably make sense to record the spot location again using another GPS device. If the area I am interested in is indeed permissible WRT the the FRZ, it is so only by a few hundred feet. The ink lines on the sectional are that wide. ? I have attached a screen shot of the location I am researching FYI.
  3. Hello everyone, just started following this thread. My experience with LAANC so far has been somewhat puzzling. While the application form is straight forward, I am trying to submit a new request that is being rejected outright for being within the DC FRZ when in fact it is not. Another request I submitted for an area southwest of IAD was accepted without issue in early September, but as of this writing is still pending approval. It is enlightening to learn from this thread that LAANC for IAD may still be on hold, so that may explain my experience. I have a message out to the UAShelp folks to see if they have any answers. Will share anything they provide here that may be of help.