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  1. I'm not looking to start a drone specific business. My goal is as a REALTOR to create video content for my listings and if other REALTORS want me to record their listings, know what a good process is to charge them for the work. I appreciate you "keeping it real".
  2. I've got a couple of questions on this post but to start, if the topic doesn't seem to make much sense the question is: When taking on a job, is post production time included in the hourly rate? 2) How long does post production usually take for every 10 minutes of video? 3) Do most people charge a minimum of one hour of work, even for projects that may only take 30 minutes to record? 4) Do people begin the "work time" once they leave the house/office? Or once they arrive on the "job site"? 5) Is prep time (Calling ATC for clearance, reading current notams, submitting waivers, etc.) included in "work time"? 6) Best practice for logging minutes/hours worked on the project? How do you prove time spent it if a client asks? Thanks in advance for any info!
  3. Hi there Stephanie, I'm curious to know. What is the Part 61 in comparison to the Part 107?
  4. Hello to anyone who opens posts by new members! I'm excited to get involved in this online community and read and learn as much as I can! There seems to be an endless fountain of information to learn on this technology and FAA regulations, and quite frankly its a bit overwhelming. I'm hoping this forum helps me collect information to organize the most relevant aspects of the industry. I plan on using my DJI Mavic Air and Parrot Bebop 2 for Real Estate, and in the future hopefully creating media content for marketing other company's products and services. Before I drone on and lose any of you I'll finish this post by asking a few questions that hopefully some of y'all might have insight on. 1) What subjects do people find most difficult to grasp when it comes to flying quad-copters commercially? (Laws, Contracts, Notams, sectional charts, etc.) 2) Where do y'all recommend looking for contracts, contract structure? 3) What are the best free apps for information, and where do y'all find the best news on industry changes? Thanks to anyone who takes the time to respond! This is my favorite hobby, and I look forward to apply my skills in a commercial setting!