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  1. Hi, We're renovating our restaurant and introducing some new items. So, we're planning some outdoor marketing campaigns. Because we gotta scream loud to the world when we do something new. I'm thinking about aerial advertising, ad trucks and street team promotions with flyers. Which among these would be better? I mean for a restaurant. Also, which one would be cost-effective? I think street team projection is cool, unique, well-targeted and suitable for a restaurant promotion. Moreover, I already found a flyer printing company. So, what do you guys think? If you know any other s
  2. Hey, I'm here to know your suggestions regarding outdoor marketing campaigns. So as for me. It's time to launch our new product. Digital marketing is going very well. Though, I still believe in outdoor marketing. I already have some billboards and wall projections. However, I think for the product launch, I need some out of the box marketing ideas. When I did some research I found that aerial marketing and human billboards will work well for my business. And I already found a company providing street team promotions with human billboards. But I don't know much about aerial promo
  3. Hi, I'm Anthony from Canada. If you are looking to save time and money accounts payable workflow automation Solution is the answer you’ve been looking for. Recently I Hired a document and data management service for my business. Below are the reasons why it makes sense to streamline your processes with accounts payable automation and begin your digital transformation journey. 1. Timely and accurate invoice processing 2. Instant, secure access to information 3. Seamless hard copy and digital invoices processing 4. Automatic processing of purchase order and recurring invoices 5.