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  1. For sure I would love to own and fly the DJI Mavic Mini. I've had several cheaper, starter drones, but they all have their shortcomings... Especially with navigation. This may not have all the features of the Pro, but it's leagues beyond a starter drone! I will fly this drone as my stepping stone to getting and flying the Mavic 2 Zoom. Can't wait to win!
  2. Considering the gravity of his multiple offenses, including flying in a TFR with the president of the United States in the area, and that he could have been responsible for the lives of hundreds (thank God that didn't happen), I think the penalty is light, indeed. I'm for access to all, but uneducated, incompetent (I'm assuming he had no "intention" of causing harm) drone operators can be deadly. It's my opinion EVERY pilot, at a minimum, should be required to pass 107 - much like every driver on the road has to meet minimum education and practical levels. It's people like him who muddy the waters for responsible pilots, too, in public perception.
  3. Hey team, I'm a newb with intentions to develop into real estate and travel aerial videography. Thanks for being here... Thanks for having me. I'd LOVE to connect with any Nashville pilots... Coffee's on me! 615-662-3169