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  1. As a company involved in major security drone operations and solution providing to governmental and international clients in Africa and abroad we have to source products from manufacturers and suppliers that we identify as potential partners. When doing this we firstly turn to the US based manufacturers and suppliers due to preference but also due to security requirements. Most of our applications are with industrial drones and not with hobby drones or racing drones. Our budgets are based on requirements and quite often exceed $1-2 mil in revenue for the proposed manufacturer/supplier. The problem we are facing are time constraints and when we submit requests for pricing or integration with third party applications, we seldom or never get any feedback or pricing. Having this problem has forced us to approach manufacturers/suppliers in China for the required equipment/systems. When we submit requests for quotes or information we get our feedback the same day or within a 24hr window and their willingness to assist with integration issues. One prime example is Yuneec US. We have approached them repeatedly for pricing and with integration issues with ground control systems like Lockheed Martin etc and we have never heard back from them. This forced us to approach Yuneec UK and Yuneec China for help. he reason why I have named Yuneec is that they have an awesome product line focused on policing and security but they don't seem to be interested in foreign markets or sales. The growth of the drone market across the world should surely be made as competitive for manufacturers/suppliers as for the re-sellers/system integrators. This is not a name and shame article but just a question whether we are the only company/individuals struggling with US based manufacturers/suppliers. If there are any other companies with similar problems or any possible solutions, please let me know on my inbox. Or if you know of any suppliers that would like to deal with us on our projects, please do the same and let us know.
  2. Our company is busy with major drone projects in South Africa and on the African continent and I would like to know why US suppliers are so sluggish to give feedback and pricing on requests. As a company we prefer to deal with US suppliers and not Chinese but every time we face time restraints there is no reply from the suppliers. I will name them too, ANRA and Yuneec are never getting back on pricing or availability or system integration, hence the idea that they aren't interested in business and expansion of their current market footprint. If anyone knows about ANRA pricing please let me know at This is a very urgent matter.
  3. Hi there. We are working on a Smart City drone project that will utilize 125 drones, Yuneec H520 and long endurance patrol drones for city surveillance and rapid response. Our staff compliment and project funding have been presented and the project is set to start in the next week or so. This template will be rolled out across South Africa to all the other major cities once we are in the second phase. We are responsible for the entire Command and Control system as well as the UAV ATC functions. The systems we are using are VCSi from Lockheed Martin and Airmap. Due to the nature of the project our ROC has had to be very inclusive for all UAV functionalities and regulatory adherence. Other projects we are working on are civil defense drones for neighboring countries and agri drones for precision agriculture. Our drone solutions are integrated with sensors or existing CCTV infrastructure as alarm events and the drones respond accordingly. I have attached a brief overview document of the project if you would like to add any comments or have any questions. DASPEC OVERVIEW DOC.docx
  4. Good day. My name is Lionel. My company Drone Dynamix is a drone solution supplier agri drone solutions, security and civil defense drones. We utilize various GCS systems as well as drone traffic control systems in Southern Africa.