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  1. Hail to all members, I'm Todd, I live in the U. S., Land of 10,000 lakes. I have a similar story, after 16yrs. being a field service engineer for Dell, Hp, Honeywell. But after multiple back surgeries, my doctors decided disability is your future and I have not worked since 2011. I really think, buying my first sky viper drone, prevented me from going crazy and becoming a shut in. I have studied and am ready to take the 107 exam and would like to make extra money. You don't get rich on disability. I'm stuck, though. Don't know what direction to go. There's tons of farmland, solar panel fields, law enforcement is more apt to tell people to leave the pilot alone! The opportunities are here but I'm good at technical, logical, hands on stuff. I am NOT good at selling, or anything involved with running a business. I would prefer, helping someone for a while first, internship as a VO. Last month I was flying my yuneec breeze, I was just finishing getting some 4k video of the sun rising through the fog, over green farmland with small lake. As it was returning to home, I saw on the video it started spinning out of control, as I look up a bald eagle reversed direction, snagged my drone with his talons and flew off. When the eagle snagged it, it somehow dislodged the Battery, so no gps telemetry data available. Thanks Todd