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  1. Also.. (free) is a good mapping will build an orthmosaic that you can import into Google Earth and get also can do volumes of piles as well....I capture images w the free Precisionflight. Dronemapper rapid is another good Ortho mapper...
  2. I downloaded Terra and found it to be a rudimentary version of GroundStation Pro (for flying), plus an Ortho and Obj post-processing engine (drone deploy, pix4d), PrecisionMapper, dronemapper).... DJI Terra seems to be a Windows versions of capabilities already found on IOS and Android (capture) and the cloud mostly for free (PrecisionMapper, DroneMapper-Rapid) Reading the manual, in DJI Terra your Remote Controller is connected to your laptop...not very convenient!!! I asked for a price but have not received one yet....All aspects of DJI Terra are available for no cost, flying and I doubt our hanger will bite. Interesting that Terra currently only works with DJI Phantom 4 models, which have been discontinued...right?
  3. This article does not include a review of the apps or software to run each camera and drone combination, or the extensive limitations of thermal. One cannot just slap the two together and expect similar results to photometry....for instance, the range for any FLIR branded camera is likely less than 1000 ft via wifi. Even the best resolution thermal (dji or flir) (640x512) pales in comparison of what we use to for camera photos (4000x3000)... dont think of slapping an thermal Ortho out of the box. They wont stitch together. Finally, on the app front...there are NO mapping mission or even waypoint flying available under thermal cameras as best I can tell. Using PrecisionFlight specifically, The only drone and camera supported with that app is a Matrice 210 or 600p and the DJI XT-R at 640x512 and ONLY the 13mm version....(The XT2 is not supported by any grid or mapping app, besides DroneDeploy and then only in LiveView). I caution to be extremely careful when considering thermal and start with the software first. Im finding that for the most part the drone thermal Images ARE NOT EVEN GEOTAGGED at all. Its a convoluted process to take photometry and thermal at the same time (if you even can) and then in postprocessing have to extract the EXIF out of photos and paste them in the thermal image to geotag it. And realistically, its still only 640x512 resolution at best. AO