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  1. 36 minutes ago, Av8Chuck said:

    If the problem your trying to solve is click bait for YouTube I have some suggestions but let me first start by saying that if people chose to watch based on the quality of content you should be doing very well.  Unfortunately we all know that things that do well on YouTube don’t do so becuase of the quality. 

    So if you want to more views I’d suggest making your videos shorter, much shorter, 2-2.5 minutes.  Talk more about the drone and less about the crop.  More about the multispectral that most of the viewers won’t understand but will supply them with endless hours of jargon.  And I realize this is sexist, show more of the attractive young woman driving the tractor. 

    Having said that I think your video is very well done.  I think it’s great that you have a narrative, the image quality and shot composition is very good.  I recommend adding more ground shots, closeups of the machinery, driving, grain, etc.. having more shot diversity will help the pacing of the video.   Although the Aerial looks good it all starts to look the same.  The time lapse was a great addition. 

    Again you might consider breaking your narrative up into shorter videos.  People seem to have much shorter attention spans.

    Thanks for your thoughts. There are several things that I had not thought of before.

    I was afraid to go more into multispectral sensors and the research plot project in general for fear people would glaze over or tune out - so good to know that is not necessarily the case.

    Would love to add more ground shots but it was a little logistically difficult with everyone already having so many jobs (truck driver = drone operator and tractor driver (me) = research plot coordinator and time lapse video filming). I'd love to add more sounds as well to help people feel they are actually there. Any suggestions on how to get good sound capture from the ground to accompany drone footage??

  2. Hey all,

    I'm amazed at how many great drone videos are out on YouTube now, even within in a sub-category like agriculture/farming.

    Any thoughts/suggestions/experiences on how to make drone videos stand out from the pack and ultimately attract more views? (My latest farming vlog is below for reference of what I am already doing.)