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  1. AV8Chuck, I apologize now for this....but none of your comments are of any value. I am not in this for a lecture, I am simply not wanting to re-invent the wheel and to see what others are using (physical documents, articles, marketing, etc) to help educate and promote their business. Not only for real estate but over all in their business. You sound as if you are very well versed in all aspects of drone business but you are digging to deep into questions when the questions asked are just simple question being asked. Here is a portion of my original post, "I am starting this top
  2. Thank you all for the comments so far. I kind of want to get back to the original question though...Does anyone have any information they use to help educate their potential clients? I am not wanting to turn anyone in or get anyone in trouble. I just want some reference material, articles, flyers, etc that I can use to help educate. If it is already out there, there is no reason to reinvent the wheel.
  3. I apologize, as I am sure this topic has been covered many times before. After my searches in the blog, I haven't really found a good answer. So I am starting this topic in hopes to get some great articles that are very informative but not "hire me because I'm certified" approach. I currently have a Real Estate Broker that is using a non-licensed pilot for their aerial photography. I just want to begin educating this potential customer of the risks and possible penalties of hiring a non-licensed pilot. I understand the risk and possible penalties...just don't know how to get the word out