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  1. Hi all! New member but longtime flyer (inspire 1, early phantom, and Osmo). Just a heads up about a site that is a scam. Let me help you save your time by not visiting Easy Drone Parts. I ordered an Osmo battery and charger from this company. I waited a week and never received word that the order was shipped or anything. I tried calling, nothing. Then tried emailing - nothing. They finally got through on their chatbot - was told that order shipped the day I ordered it. I asked for shipping information and they couldn't provide it. They said I'd get word within 24 hours on shipping. 24 hours later - nothing. I connected through chat again to ask where TF my order is. They said it was out of stock. They said they cancel the order but I don't trust that they'll do that. Taking further measures with my credit card company. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS WEBSITE. They will take your money. Looking forward to chatting about more productive topics on here!