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  1. Here’s my two cents worth I would judge a pilot by his actions and his control. Like when he shows up does he check the area. Does he do preflight checks and so on. Does he talk the talk and walk the walk. Then when he’s in the air is he really controlling the UAV. It’s the same when I hire a dozer operator if the guy is always back dragging his blade and he can’t make a smooth cut then he’s not experienced or qualified to operate and Han es are he doesn’t know how to take care of the equipment ether. We never ask how many hours you got in the seat. Hell they could have just been a dirt packer somewhere just riding around.
  2. Troy Hayes

    Posting to YouTube

    So I want to share my pictures and videos on Facebook but the upload quality is bad so I was thinking about loading them to YouTube and just putting a link on my Facebook. I have read at FAA is contacting people about this as they consider it commercial due to YouTube injections ads in your video. Is this true? And if so how can I share these in high quality with other getting slapped?
  3. Troy Hayes

    Spark now, or later?

    Now would be good as I seen where Best Buy was giving a free controller when you buy the spark
  4. Troy Hayes

    Battery life

    Thanks for the help
  5. Troy Hayes

    Battery life

    It it best to storage battery’s with full charge or 50% charge. I read online somewhere in a article that drone battery’s should be drop to 50% if not used within 24 hours. I however have been unable to find anything saying what’s the best practice.
  6. Troy Hayes

    Spark travel bag

    I order a storage/carry bag for my Spark from Amazon and I likedit so much I had to share it with y’all. It’s a RLsoco brand it is made very well and has molded places for everything. If your in the market for one check this one out.
  7. Troy Hayes

    Hi from Ohio

    I am wanting to get to repairs as it looks a whole lot easier that aerial work platforms and the current canbus systems that control them
  8. Troy Hayes

    Hi from Ohio

    Just got my first Drone a DJI spark and hopefully can learn how to fly it like a pro. Also I would be interested in drone repair also.