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  1. No previous experience in the drone industry. Have a photography and web design background. Passed the 107 certification a month ago and have flown a few test projects for two different potential clients.
  2. The vertical we're starting with is construction and roofing; providing mapping, measuring, inspecting, insurance type services as well as general aerial photo/video. Eventually bridge work when we can afford the Matrice 200. thanks for the reply @Tom C
  3. I just registered a new business and bought my first aircraft (Mavic Pro 2) today! Stoked to have embarked on this journey and THANK YOU everyone in advance for being a part of the community and lending your advice and knowledge.. it's priceless. When pulling back and thinking about operations of this new business a few things become clear and to be honest, kind of daunting at this point. 1) We need a place to log EVERYTHING. Where do you schedule flights, track individual flights, keep tabs on pilots and maintenance, file documentation and certificates, prepare your checklists and standa
  4. Haha, love the humor in this.. but it's true. I'm new to the game too but I think you will catch on in no time. Flying these birds becomes addicting.. I'd make sure to get a Fly More package with more batteries. More power = more practice. The thing I'm making sure to do is track all flights, flight time, and battery cycles from get go. That way I'll know exactly how experienced I am, eventually using the "hours flown" badge from the app. This makes appealing to potential customers easier if you eventually lead to starting your own business. BTW, I fully support the career pa
  5. Welcome aboard @tater91. You'll love the Mavic Pro 2, it has built in hyperlapse as I'm sure you know.. let us know when you do record some footage. I picked up the Mavic pro2 today, batteries on the charger and registering it right away. Stoked to get it in the air. See you around, good luck saving up $$ Cheers, Chris