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  1. @FlyByDroning Welcome. I'm up in Clarksville where I specialize in residential Real Estate and event aerial photog. Nice to see you here.
  2. @Alan Perlman are you going to be hiring?? I'm up in Clarksville along with my farm and Flying Monkey Aerial Photography. Retiring from the Army next Spring.
  3. I'm right there with you. Not a bad first crack at it. Pretty easy to navigate through, took about 2 hours to finish and the exam was 35 questions long. I recently spoke with the Nashville FSDO and was informed that they're not real sure if the license will be separate or just a type rating added to existing certificate. I did a little more investigating and apparently they (FAA) want to make it an entirely separate sUAS rating on a Remote Pilot's Certificate. Also do not try to register on the IACRA site to be able to get the certificate, it's not ready for us quite yet. Peace and happy flying!!
  4. I'm currently enrolled in the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Masters in Unmanned Systems and here is a guide that they recently published. Enjoy erau-suas-consumer-guide-june-2016-release.pdf
  5. I'm coming in late on this but IMHO the B4UFLY app is garbage. I'm located near Ft. Campbell, KY and I've been flying this area for almost 20 years as an Army aviator and to my surprise the app told me that there was a private airfield located within our KHOP Class D airspace. I traveled to the so-called airfield and found it to be a housing area with a large pond. I wasn't sure who I should notify, the HOA or the massive amount of turtles floating around on a log. This is not the first issue with it either. I rely on good ole fashion VFR sectionals and websites like skyvector. Peace
  6. Greetings. I figured I would post this here. I recently inquired about Tennessee State Parks and the sUAS rules associated with them. I've seen several different blogs and chat lines that state everything from "you're permitted" to "you're going to burn in hell if you fly that thing in a state park!!". I even received a few comments on my YouTube vids in a few TN State Parks. Below is an email chain that I sent to and received back from a representative from the Tennessee State Park office in Nashville. I recently made a telephonic call and have requested a spreadsheet with all the parks points of contact so I don't have to bother them all the time. Happy flying. Greetings to you, My name is Charley Jordan. I'm a soldier, farmer, and owner of a sUAS photo/video gig called Flying Monkey Aerial Photography here in Clarksville, TN. I was wanting to get a clarification on conducting sUAS photography/videography in our TN State Parks. Is it prohibited and if so is there an official policy letter? Is it up to the park's ranger/administration to allow/disallow? I know that the mention of sUAS, or "drones", conjures up fears and apprehension but not all operators are idiots. We are not here to spy on your daughters through the windows or snatch your pet dog off your back porch. We are a collective group of like minded individuals who want to just enjoy our hobby, or business in my case, and capture all the wonderful sights that this great state has to offer. Thanks for your time. Mr. Jordan, Thank you for your interest in Tennessee State Parks. Our drone policy requires that the person contact the Park Manager where they wish to operate the device in order to get approval. If you will let me know what park you have in mind, I will be glad to give you the name and number so you can make contact. Regards, Joe Carr Tennessee State Parks William R. Snodgrass TN Tower 312 Rosa L. Parks Ave.. 2nd Floor Nashville, TN 37243
  7. Looking for suggestions on copyright free music for vids. I received a package of them with my PowerDirector software but I've peaked on them and I want to avoid using the same ones. Thanks for any leads or suggestions.
  8. @RemotelyPossible I went with Transport Risk Management for my quotes. I found them through my LinkedIn account. Adam Johnson was the broker. He presented 5 different quotes for me in a very professional package and Global Aerospace was the best based upon price (below $1000) and the different coverages (only one that covered indoor flying). I went with them but to caveat I did not get hull coverage. Peace
  9. Hey Alan, sure, here's my answers: How'd the shoot go? It went very well. I was initially concerned because the property was surrounded by 80' Oak Trees. Was not sure if I could get any good footage outside of the boathouse. Became an exercise in obstacle avoidance. Curious how long you were in the air for? I went through 3 batteries for the shoot. A total of 30 pics and 20 full minutes of video. Anyone else with you? I did not take an observer with me this time. The area was free and clear of people and I was not planning on flying over the property itself. Some may frown upon it but I thought it was an ok decision. Were you approached by anyone asking questions while flying? I pre-coordinated with the agent to contact the property owner and give them a heads up that I would be out there doing the shoot. The neighbors were actually really excited when I showed up and they offered me some water while I was flying. Insider notes: *I did a recon for any nearby airspace using my available UAS apps. I used the B4UFLY app to also check for restrictions and I also sent an informational message out through it with the grids I would be operating at. *I made sure I had my current FMAP Flight Operations Manual with me, my FAA registration "pink" copy with me, current work contract, and a written permission form from the property owner. *I'm going to visit the Nashville FSDO this Thursday (10 Mar) to add some ratings to my commercial certificate and I plan on discussing some UAS issues with them. *Lots of batteries, lots and lots. I brought 4 with me just to make sure I could get all the footage I needed. *I walked the property for about 30 minutes prior to starting to fly. I took note of the hazards and property lines. When I initially ascended I immediately went to the highest tree top and took a altitude measurement and that became my mark for any overflight footage I would plan to do later.
  10. Haha, yes it was a fun challenge flying around the trees
  11. A real estate project I did for an agent last weekend. Enjoy.
  12. I can agree on certain points. I'm always learning how to improve. I'm slowly building a good following, especially when I show up for a "job" and I'm wearing a kilt. Thanks for the advice.
  13. Can't exactly say I have one singular big challenge with my gig, I honestly have had a few. For starters my current line of employment (US Army) does not always allow me to dive headlong into my venture. The secondary challenge right now is the FAA. Like most I'm patiently (I use that term loosely) waiting for my 333 to get approved. I've been doing a lot of pro-bono work trying to build a contact list so when it does get approved (hopefully) I can go full bore into it. I'm doing work under a separate 333 approved company so I can get my experience level up. Excited to see what this course has to offer.
  14. Had some time this morning to spare so I filmed some areas around my town. Trying out my PowerDirector 14. Pretty intense to manipulate but it has a wide range of effects. Enjoy.