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  1. Hey pilots! My friend and I are planning a trip to Shenzhen, China later this year/ early next year. We really wanted to visit some drone manufacturers and stock up some goodies Any tips / experience you could share? (Things to watch out for / what to buy etc?) Thanks!
  2. Hi Pilots, This is Dean from Birdstop. We are an early stage start up that build infrastructure for commercial drones. Nice to meet you all and look forward to learning from you Best regards DL
  3. Are you a commercial drone pilot that brings multiple batteries to every mission? Ever wonder your drone can autonomously land and exchange used battery with new battery by itself? We are running a discounted pre-sale. For more info, checkout : Or email : About Birdstop: Early stage start up in Bay Area; we make stations that exchange and charge batteries for off-the-shelf commercial drones. Our stations are compatible with the most common drone models that enterprises are already using, including the flagship enterprise lines by DJI.