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  1. Not trying to tarnish everyone. Thought this would be the appropriate forum to ask the question. Will search for a delete.
  2. Came across someone flying a phantom in downtown San Francisco. Flew over the street (pretty busy) and then over the Giant's stadium out of site. Asked if he had a 107 qual and if he had a waiver to fly over people. He said yes to both, then that he wasn't flying over people. He was rude and just said he was working and to leave him alone. Didn't want to push the matter since he was flying, but was left with the impression that this wasn't an FAA sanctioned flight for over people or beyond visual line of sight. Am I wrong and this was above board or someone giving drone pilots a bad name? Seems like if you are flying a job over the stadium you should be in a position to see the drone the whole time and not just fly off the controller.