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  1. Ciao Isabella, thank you very much for the answer! Useless to say that's weird that a Company (State Park) can issue a no fly zone that for FAA is avaiable and ok for recreational flights! I read the requirements for obtaining a permit and seems they simply do not want drones in any case: "Certificate of Insurance (COI): All commercial photography/filming permits are required to submit a “Certificate of Insurance” in the amount of $2 million of general liability coverage naming Arizona State Parks and Trails as an additional named insured." 🙂
  2. Ciao Av8Chuck and thank you for your answer! Sedona zone is not reported as National Park but a Wilderness area... and I don't know the difference.. since Grand Canyon is reported to be a National Park or National Monument. Now the real the problem is that: FAA Official map doesn't give me any restriction there for recreational flight. neither B5Ufly or Kittyhawk reports me that zone as forbidden for natural park (and, for example, Grand Canyon National park is reported..) But... I see pictures of "no fly zone" or "uav not permitted" on tripadvisor... and people saying like that...!! Take a look to this article It's weird and I don't want to be fined...!
  3. Hi folks, I'm an italian certified pilot that's going to have some trail in Sedona in the Red Rock national park and it's trying to understand if is possible to fly a drone for recreational purporses or not. I already registered my DJI Spark on FAA website, I have the number written on the drone. Tecnically speaking I found different informations about is. For the FAA, it seems that I can fly there (far more than 5miles from the airport)... no restriction on the FAA Official map. But if I go on it gives the advisory of natural reserve... but I can't find the regulation of that natural reserve. I only found this map from Sedona aiport that talks about "no drone trails", but what does it means? If I exit from the trail I can take off the drone? (it's a little bit confusing). Another article found on line seems that are no-fly-zone signs... but you can still fly... since they're not enforceable Someone can help me finding correct regulation and help me understanding if I can fly or not... if I must ask for a special permit... or whatever? Thank you in advance, Federico
  4. Hi folks,I have a little problem and I hope that you, more experienced than me, can help me.I have the latest firmware on a brand new GL300K and I can't figure out how to get Litchi "connected" to the P4Pv2+I do this steps like read on the Litchi website for CrystalSky and on other guides:- I boot the controller, install from browser Amazon Store- installed from the store Litchi- Connected the USB Cable ... nothing happens, no window asking me which default app to use... I reboot leaving the cable connected... the same... no windows asking me which default app to use.I tried multiple usb cables and enabling and disabling USB Debugging... nothing...Litchi starts but does not connect to the drone.It looks like that recognizes the usb connection like a pen drive, the only thing I see it's the message "USB connected, tap to copy files from/to your computer"Any help will be strongly appreciated...Thank you in advanceFederico
  5. Spitfire76, thank you, but I already registered the drone before writing in this forum both for 107 and 336 ? Right now I have four numbers of registration for the same drone: 1) italian 2) mexican 3) 107 U.S. 4) 336 U.S. Is the most registered drone that exist! ?
  6. Thank you so much, so... "* Visiting foreign nationals must register their UAS upon arrival in the United States (online registration serves as a certificate of ownership)." I do not understand this point, It's enought to register on line, or online is only as a certificate of ownership and... as soon as I land in U.S. I have to register... where? at immigration?
  7. Thank you Av8Chuck for your answer, In Italy, regulation is clear, it is not just "what you can do and what you must not do in terms of commons sense" the are two kind of drones (below 0.66lbs and above that weight), in both cases you must register them, you must subscribe an insurance and for drones below 0.66 you have italia FAA to register it as "inoffensive" if the producer haven't certified it yet (and DJI didn't). if the drone weights more than 0.66lbs you have to be a certified drone pilot (ex. a Mavic PRO) there are theer kind of operations you can do in Italy with drones: recreational, professional non-critical, professional-critical (critical or not critical depends on the zone you're going to fly and the procedures both for fly and for pilot changes a lot). In all three cases you must follow the flight EASA flights regulation (ex distance from aerodrome etc.) In Italy, if the drone weights more than 0.66lbs there is no difference between it and a Boeing 737 in terms of fines you can receive (till 3 hundred and 50 thousand euros!) For this reason, I'm asking if in U.S. there is a such similar behaviour of the regulations, since I do not want to finish in jail ? To resume, are you telling me that if I respect al the no fly zone, not above peoples and using a normal common sense will be enought ? Thank you, Federico
  8. Hi folks, I just opened another topic for US, in the same vacation I'll be visiting Mexico and I want to fly my DJI Spark that, as everyone knows, weights more than 0,55lbs, so I followed these instructions and sent an email for registering my UAV to: once they reply and I'll get the registration number... am I ok ? (obiuvlsy respecting all the flying regulations and prescrptions) ? Is the registration enought for recreational drone fly ? Has someone experience about flying UAV for recreational use in Mexico ? regards Federico
  9. Hi folks, I'm an italian certified UAV Pilot, I'll be for vacation in US (California, Illinois and Washington) and I want to take with me my DJI Spark to make some videos where is possible. Now FAA website is clear about what to do for a personal, recreational flight, to follow 336 Section and to register the drone if is more than 0.55lbs and, of course, Sparks weight more than this Now what I cannot fully understand are these two points I found during my lurking on FAA website registering my drone: The registration link on the official website says: "to register my small unmanned aircraft to fly with an aero modeling club.... following special rule for Model Aircraft" Then, in the dots group in this page is reported Fly a drone under 55 lbs. unless certified by a community-based organization (again, the drone has to be certified or the pilot?) Now, it seems that you can't use a DJI Spark using the 336 Section without beloging to an aero club or have it "certified by a community based organization". Can someone help me escaping from this maze? Can I fly in U.S. with my Spark for recreational flight only registering my drone to FAA website and respecting the flight rules (Ex. visual line of sight, 5 miles from aerodrome etc.) or not? Thank you in advance, Federico