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  1. I was wondering if THERE is someone in the Tampabay area that holds some sort of 8 hr crash course for the part 107 exam. If anyone has heard of such a thing, please let me know your thoughts? I will most likely will be to drone school through Remote Pilot 101 since they have a really good success rate. For some odd reason, if you fail, they will totally pay for you again to retake the test until you pass the part 107 exam. Also, if anyone has used this company before would like to hear your thoughts?
  2. Yes, i am going to be joining your drone school right after the New Year so we can knock this exam out of the park! I know it's 299.00 but I have a coupon to knock off $50.00./.. I will be in touch.. Matt
  3. My name is Matt and I live in Clearwater, FL! I have been flying drones for about 6 months or so! I currently own a Dji Mavic Pro. Ones I got my bird in the air, i KNEW i wanted to get my Airmen cert! I will be attending this Drone school in the next few months. I have already been running through the questions an some of the material required to learn for the part 017 test.