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  1. Hi Air One, Actually YES, Here is a link to a great site with lots of info! It's a really cool searchable map where you can see all the exemption holders in a given area, etc... You can also search by name or address too. Go here to also see the list of all the current Tail Numbers assigned to drones
  2. VERY nice video Ryan! Great Audio! Excellent Work! Please keep up the Awesome work! :-) I also saw your rowing video it was pretty AMAZING! Great Stuff!
  3. Awesome video! Nice music! Good work man!
  4. Cool Video! Love the color of the sky... Very Nice!
  5. Below is a clip I made for a friend/client of his cabin in Washington State (near Mt. Rainier) Below is another clip I did just flying around my area... (more or less test shots) Below is a clip I made for a friends church at Christmas, they actually did a "live" nativity scene with real actors... (Sorry some of the shots are a little grainy) Below is a clip I recently made while I was out in Portland last year for Christmas... (a dog that went NUTS chasing my Phantom in the park where I was flying) Below is a sample clip I ma
  6. Hi Flying Monkey, Based on what you said, I would contact the person/company that filed for you and ask about the other docs? As I've been waiting since first of the year... I did see all my document information and the other 13 attachments/docs that go with it! I really hope to have it around summer possibly? (June/July) Good LUCK & Happy Waiting!
  7. Thanks Chris, Great to know! Hopefully insurance premiums will continue to go down as the technology matures and gets better! ;-)
  8. Thanks for the compliment! So far so good! No one has complained yet! In fact most people actually stop and ask me a bunch of questions, etc. And are generally very nice! One question I do get asked alot is, does the homeowner "own/or have rights" to the airspace directly above their house? I generally say the FAA has that jurisdiction??? What I do tell/remind them is that also the utility companies actually have what's called an "Aeriel Easement" that extends up to about 30-50ft for utility lines/poles etc in most backyards... (a close friend actually works for a Utility company here in Ho
  9. Thanks, Silk Purse! Great Info! Yes, I am also currently speaking with other realtor's in the commercial arena! Another POTENTIAL client source is new apartment complexes! We have a TON of them over here and I am now starting to put together a demo reel to show the other rental communities that I am going to visit...
  10. Hi Greg, So Sorry for the late reply! Sure, I think it would be great to meet... Just let me know when you would be coming down to Houston! There are a few great places to fly here! I will email you my contact info!
  11. Hi Alan, could you possibly give us your thoughts on how the new features of the P4 such as collision avoidance, active track, etc. will affect commercial drone insurance rates & policies? It will be interesting to see where the insurance companies will react to this emerging technology? Or will rates actually go up, knowing people will certainly push & test the limits of this new technology and probably make a lot more "stupid decisions" when flying the P4 and are mistakenly thinking the technology will save or help them? I'm sure the technology will get even better over time? But I w
  12. Thanks for your input Alan! I will ask around and try out a few prices & ideas out and post my finding back on the forum... Thanks Again, Rob
  13. Hi Alan, Rob Buchanan here, I just wanted to say hello to you and all the other members out there and introduce myself! I must say Alan you have done a Fantastic job of putting all of this information together (website & forum) for us R/C flyers out there to use & enjoy! MANY Thanks to you! :-) I have been involved in the IT & video business for 15+ years. Been flying a few different multi-rotor drones (Syma, UDI, HubSan) since last year and recently got a Phantom 3 Pro back a few months ago. I just recently started mentioning my drone services to real estate investors &am