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  1. Do any of you have previous experience in the industry or licenses?
  2. I have some questions: I do not know too much about concurrency technology. What benefit would there be to do a blockchain dApp? Do you have programming knowledge? Do you mean online classes or actual schools? I am not sure I fully understand this question. If you are referring to marketing, you wouldn't need to partner, but it may help. You can target online ads towards people that look for drone classes or drones stuff in general. Partnering would help to get your ad on the drone class' website rather than just social media and google. Sometimes you can target websites th
  3. I cant help with the ground stuff, but im curious... do you use software for the inspections or would you just manually review the video recorded from the drone?
  4. Hey, this is interesting to hear. Do you have any advice as how I could get into this type of thing as a beginner? I have my part 107 license, but only have used it for personal photography and video. I'm interested in hearing about other uses.
  5. Hey there, I'm new to these forums, but have had my license for a few months. I am studying Human Centered Computing which ranges from learning programming to user experience design and psychology. I am interested in seeing what opportunities there are in the industry that I can apply my degree to. I see things like food/package delivery, and I am wondering if you guys have any project ideas that may be valuable to add to my portfolio? Thanks!
  6. It's only illegal if you are making money from your drone use. YouTube gives you the option to not allow monitization (collecting money) when uploading the video. If you do that, you have not broken any rules when it comes to doing commercial activity without a license. Just make sure you dont post videos breaking other drone rules.