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  1. Ralph

    What's DSMP?

    I was looking at the Lemon RX site for a stabilizer rx to put into my new plane and they have a DSMP rx that is DSMX/DSM2 backward compatible. Anyone heard of this new protocol? I can't seem to find anything on the internet yet.
  2. Ralph


    Ya, well he's still gotta collect all that firewood now and split it for next winter.
  3. Ralph

    Arming questions

    Yup, that was the problem. Thanks! It works just fine now. Even got it off the ground. Now to tune the PIDs. Wish me luck. Here's a picture of the quad so far. I'm still going to add a gimbal and a hood to protect the electronics a bit.
  4. Ralph

    Arming questions

    Oh, thanks. I hadn't run across that one before. I'll try that this weekend when I have some time again.
  5. Ralph

    Arming questions

    I am an my values are between 1100 and 1900. Thought that was standard for the values. Would 1000 to 2000 be better?
  6. Ralph

    Arming questions

    Hi, I'm building a 550 class quadcopter with multiwii pro ez 3 and I'm having trouble with the arming. The yaw stick is supposed to be able to arm the quad according to everything I've read. I can't seem to get it to work consistently. It only seems to work if I have the computer connected to the fc with a usb cable. Any suggestions? The setup includes led ring, gps, bluetooth all from rtf quads.
  7. So it turns out the chip on my FTDI board was bricked by the latest Windows drivers. So I reprogrammed the eeprom with the proper VID and then downloaded some older drivers. Then I installed the serial converter driver, unplugged it, plugged it back in and it came up under the com port. I installed the com port driver and then it worked. Wow! What a pain! All that just so I could update the firmware on the gimbal and be able to calibrate it.
  8. I'm trying to flash the firmware on my storm 32 gimbal controller. I have and FTDI board plugged in to do this. Problem is that when I hit the flash firmware button, the dos box that comes up says ERROR: cannot open the com port, it may be in use by another application. I tried switching it to a different com port but no success. Can anybody give me some suggestions on what the issued might be? Thanks
  9. Thanks Alan, I've also been researching and have found several as well. Including one where the guy used sonar to make the gear retract automatically. Might have to go that route if he shares the code with me. The above video is actually a different model. Mine is the TL65B44 small version. automatic retractable landing gear
  10. I have a question about hooking up the retractable landing gear from Tarot. Of course it came with no instructions. There are two legs, each with its own servo. Is it possible to connect them together so they operate off one channel or do they each need their own channel and I have to mix them in the tx so they operate off the same switch?
  11. So I'm building a 450 class quadcopter and purchased the multiwii pro ez3.0 from readytofly quads. Everything looks pretty straightforward to hook up. The transmitter I purchased is a Devo 10 and I upgraded the firmware to deviation 4.0. The receiver that came with the Devo is an RX1002. The question I have is can I send the telemetry from the FC through a channel on the receiver or do I need to get something like the lemonrx with telemetry? I've posted this question on a couple of forums and still don't have an answer. Thanks
  12. Ralph


    Hi, I'm a newbie but I'm ambitious. I bought my son (12) and I a couple of MJX X600 hexacopters last fall to learn to fly on. We're coming along nicely. The copters themselves have already been treed several times each and I had to cut one down to get my son's back early on. I am now in the process of building a 450 class quadcopter that I would like to use for aerial photography. The parts are slowly trickling in and it is starting to take shape. I'm looking forward to the spring. Guess I'm addicted. Thanks, Alan for the "How to fly a quad" article. It was most helpful. Oh, we're in rural Milton, Ontario, Canada.