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  1. I'm a retired military lifer. I retired as a master helicopter inspector at the naval air test center, pax river md. I'm a brain injury survivor, I live on my farm between the Mississippi river and Rollingstone Minnesota. I have just one drone now, a F181W with the holy stone name on it. I bought a FS-i6X so I only have to learn and use just one controller due to lack of skills. I ordered a multi protocol plug and play and hope to be able to use my fs-i6x on my future choppers. I worked on many helos for many years. H-34'S to H-53 super sea stallion. doing pretty good with my first quad. fly safe Sir.
  2. exactly, also available for other transmitters, some have built in sockets to plug module into.
  3. Sir, I searched all day long yesterday and found a multi protocol thingy that plugs into port on back of my flysky i6x. It's a irangex irx6 plug and play, just needs a battery. Just what I wanted to use my controller for flight simulators and most toy grade choppers. My broken brain needs to be pushed, I'll never be whole but I can keep fighting. Fly safe sir......👌
  4. No sir, could not find anything on internet. you thing I could put the reciever that came with controller in my holy stone? Sorry I'm so dumb. Thank you sir...
  5. I have a fs-i6x now and trying to pair with a holy stone f181w, no luck so far. snowed in on my farm with nothing esle going on, oh well....
  6. HELP! can a fs-i6x be paired to a holy stone f181w?

  7. changed order to fs-i6x, arriving today. i need to use just one controller due to brain injury and loss of skills. it will be tough but I'm warrior, I can do this......
  8. Sorry, UH-1D was at HT-8, Ellison field Pensacola Florida, 1966. old Army UH1-D replaced old H-34Ds, later replaced H1s with brand new TH1Ls 1 or 2 at a time..

  9. Test pilot doing ground check turn up. Sparkey was standing on skid on copilots side setting 6600 rpm light. His foot slipped and hit full right rudder. UH-1D did a quick rollover, no body hurt, Huey died. Close call. I was at line shack setting in a chair, front row seat.
  10. Just a impulse thingy, Amazon prime bundle, carry case etc. Recluse, stay on my farm, no other HAC'S friends. I ordered a FSi6 from banggood. Will get a sims soon. ???m
  11. I ordered a Fs-i6 controller from banggood. I'm on my own here as a recluse on my farm. I hope to get a sims to work with controller to to get stick time. Thanks..
  12. I am a 74 year old retired navy Aviation structural mechanic, AMS-1 lifer, 26 +yrs. I'm a traumatic brain injury survivor as well. I have reduced skills etc. I'm looking for a HAC helicopter Aircraft Commander, Pilot that I can talk to on video phone, etc. to help me. I had a lot of stick time in hellos and fixed wing, but now things are difficult for me. I have one quad a fs181W, i ordered a FS-i6 controller so as to have 1 controller to learn. I want to get a Simulator to learn with as my learning curve is bad. my hopes are to get skills from simulator and later get a gps, follow me kit build. I hope someone will help A old man that's still trying. Thanking you in advance, Penrod old rookie HAC.
  13. Can a person buy one transmitter and use it on several drones? Can I buy a drone without a transmitter? I have a F181W and the gears are open, do they have covers for them. I may get a gps drone if I do good with the one I have. Limited skills due to TBI. thanks .......
  14. Long ago when I was a young and Interstates were being built, we were flying home from the USS Lexington on a Sunday afternoon. we has be plane guard during carrier Quals for student pilots. Pilot got boared and said to us, we're going to check out the new I10. Sunday no construction right, wrong, we were about 50 feet above the road. Then out of no where we came upon a crew working. oh boy we're cooked, orange 34 with 72 inch numbers on side, way to low. days went by nothing happened. lucky that time. Sorry so long, I'm a TBI survivor with limited skills. fly safe friends.
  15. Penrod AMS-1 USN Ret. I live on a farm between Mississippi river and Rollingstone. 75 years old. Due to brain injuries and limited skills I'm try quad drones, still in training mode. I just got a holy stone F181w to start with. Spent many years in navy helos. QA inspector on H-34'S, all H1's, H3's. Many models at Naval Air Test Center. RH53'E etc. May get a hs100 later to have gps. Glad to be a part of the crew. thanks.