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  1. Well, I am back from AZ and travel was no problem. I told the TSA agent that I had a drone, she shrugged and said go through, no problem. Both flights!
  2. Thanks for the info. Looked at another forum and as long as batteries are separated and covers on the terminals, good to go. The goal is to fly the drone in some decent weather for the first time. Too snowy and windy here. ARIZONA!
  3. Question, Can I carry on my drone while flying on commercial carriers?
  4. The goal is to acquire the photographs then move them to a desktop or tablet. they slip right into the report from the program but, how to get them from the drone to an SD card, that is the question. Does DJI mavic pro have an SD card slot?
  5. As a new member, I am wondering if there are any fellow Home inspectors out there who use ground drones or inspection bots? I am not sure what they are commonly referred to. Appreciate any info. Just bought a DJI Mavic Pro for aerial inspections.