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  1. Earthman, Thank you for your insights. Yours and Dave's comments, together with those from the helpful folks at uashelp@faa.gov (1-844-fly-myua) have helped considerably as I work through the issue of launching a business.
  2. Thank you Dave , You know, that was exactly my initial reaction. The pilot's license attests to my personal skills. I believe the advice i am getting has the objective of clearly separating my person from the SMLLC. With the proliferation of new drone businesses, i was hoping to hear from quite a few entrepreneurs who might have gone through this process. Thank you again.
  3. Good day fellow pilots. A few months ago I successfully sat for the FAA Commercial sUAS License. I Now have started a new Single Member Limited Liability Company (SMLLC) centered around drone applications. In discussions with my attorney he suggested that my FAA license (which is issued in my name) should now reflect the name of the SMLLC. The rationale being that it will be myself as the SMLLC who is piloting the drone. I understand the principle; which is that an SMLLC is designed to limit the single member's liability but to accomplish that objective, every effort shoul
  4. Thank you Av8Chuck for providing a genral framework for possible steps ahead in taking my hobby to a business. I am in contact with an attorney, as you have suggested, and the LLC path is the intended one. I understand that in NY State, at least, that places a barrier between business and personal assets. Thank you.
  5. Good Day to All, very simple question which i have faced recently once i decided i would like to take my hobby up to the next level ( commercial ) here is my question : i assume there must be rule(s) to naming the business; e.g. the name cannot be identical to an existing business name. Do i conduct my name search across my State, across the whole of the US, or across the whole world. ? over the past couple of weeks i have conducted my search using a popular search engine. it is very difficult to come up with a unique name not clashing with others across the world ! there
  6. Based on my interactions with two NYS Parks close by (Thatcher State Park, and Grafton State Park) I would conclude that you were given the wrong information. I have with me an NYS Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Permit, obtained from Thatcher Park which specifically allows me to fly my Drone in CERTAIN areas of the park. I had to show proof of insurance (AMA member) . The permit does have the stipulation that " For professional photography an additional FILM permit must be issued by State Parks" When I touched base with Grafton State Park, i was told that i just nee
  7. Live in Upstate New York. Have owned a Phantom 3 Pro for over 2 years. To date have been flying it as a hobby; but recently have successfully sat for the sUAS Commercial Pilot Test (Part 107) and now have my license. Interested in the potential commercial applications for drones. Plan to continue honing my flying and photography skills while seeking a foothold in the commercial arena. Very glad to be part of this vibrant community and look forward to many interesting and informative discussions.