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  1. Thanks again R Martin. I appreciate all of your advice! This has been very helpful.
  2. Thank you R Martin. We don't have a set maximum total area that we are specifically looking to cover. It will vary from project to project but some projects may be 2 miles of a road corridor or it may be a 20 acre cornfield. I also don't know if a 20mp camera will do. I don't know if will be necessary to fly our projects at 400ft AGL. I had assumed that we'd be flying most of our projects around 200ft AGL but I don't have any specific reason for that other than hearing other people fly at that height. I feel like a clearance of 90-100ft AGL would not be high enough. The thought has crossed my mind about flying with multiple sensors. The Matrice 210 came recommended to us by a local trainer. We kind of gravitated to this aircraft because of it's versatility. Our company is primarily civil engineering so it would be useful for topographic surveys and updating aerials. We also have a structural team that works on bridges and towers. I thought the zoom camera may lend itself to these tasks. I also saw it has the top mount camera that would be useful for bridge inspections. Lastly, we also work in the oil and gas field and work on developing and monitoring pipelines. I also do 3D laser scanning for our company and was hoping to marry the scan data with the UAS data. I know the accuracy will be different but this would be nice to offer a more complete picture of a site. We'd focus on the details with the stationary scanner but then supplement the project with the drone. I'd say our budget is between $10,000-$20,000. I'll take a look at what you have suggested. We have also considered 3DR.
  3. R Martin, would you mind providing some suggestions to alternative aircraft platforms? We feel that we want a multi-rotor due to the smaller areas we are looking to map. Thank you.
  4. Hello Everyone, I've been tasked with starting an aerial mapping/surveying program for the company I work for. We are primarily a civil engineering firm that also has mechanical and structural departments. I'm seeking advice on which aircraft platform I should consider. It has been suggested to go with the M210 RTK but I've also been told that it is overkill and I should consider the Phantom 4 RTK. Our uses will be to provide survey base mapping of larger projects, possibly structural inspection (towers, bridges, etc.), updating aerial imagery for projects, and pipeline design & construction. Are there other platforms I should be considering? Thank you in advance.