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  1. Thanks again R Martin. I appreciate all of your advice! This has been very helpful.
  2. Thank you R Martin. We don't have a set maximum total area that we are specifically looking to cover. It will vary from project to project but some projects may be 2 miles of a road corridor or it may be a 20 acre cornfield. I also don't know if a 20mp camera will do. I don't know if will be necessary to fly our projects at 400ft AGL. I had assumed that we'd be flying most of our projects around 200ft AGL but I don't have any specific reason for that other than hearing other people fly at that height. I feel like a clearance of 90-100ft AGL would not be high enough. The thought has crossed my
  3. R Martin, would you mind providing some suggestions to alternative aircraft platforms? We feel that we want a multi-rotor due to the smaller areas we are looking to map. Thank you.
  4. Hello Everyone, I've been tasked with starting an aerial mapping/surveying program for the company I work for. We are primarily a civil engineering firm that also has mechanical and structural departments. I'm seeking advice on which aircraft platform I should consider. It has been suggested to go with the M210 RTK but I've also been told that it is overkill and I should consider the Phantom 4 RTK. Our uses will be to provide survey base mapping of larger projects, possibly structural inspection (towers, bridges, etc.), updating aerial imagery for projects, and pipeline design & const