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  1. Esteemed Colleagues, We're looking for some feedback from anyone using the Precision Hawk system for agriculture and general survey work. Anyone have any good/bad/other experiences with the company they'd be willing to share? Ditto with Drone.io; has anyone had any experiences with that? Would you mind sharing them and discussing the processes by which you become a part of that system? I hope everyone is enjoying their new drones they got this year! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Ceres Aerial
  2. Hello! We're a new company consisting of 3 active duty Naval Aviators, looking to gain some traction in the UAS community. All together we've got over 30 years of aviation experience, over 6,000 hrs of mishap free flight in over 8 types of military aircraft (primarily MH-60, F/A-18, and T-6B). We are all military and civilian flight instructors and hold various ratings from the Part 107 to 737 ATP. Currently operating with a Phantom 4 out of Honolulu, and are looking to expand our operations both in services, platforms, and locations. If anyone has any suggestions on starting a UAS