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  1. Dear Ed, thanks for your help 🙏🤗 It would be really great if mr. Kibe, following his excellent speech should publish a clarification about the subject that could positively help all the recreational drone enthusiasts to video-document and therefore spread to the world, the natural wonders of this amazing country 🤗 A few other interesting links I found after reading your message: Notice 259- Civil Aviation (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) Regulations 2017.pdf http:/
  2. Dear friends, I thank you ALL (!) for taking the time to answer or showing your thoughts about my question. As the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority can’t currently provide an authorization and as - after reading your several interesting speculations - my doubts about the subject are stil there, I will put it in this way: can anybody provide the link (!) to a “currently valid” Kenyan law (if there is one, about introducing and flying a drone in that country ? 🤔 Again, thanks a lot for your patience and attention 🙏🤗 Giorgio
  3. Hi Ed, many thanks for your message. Excuse me but what as I don't understand the "a/c" acronym, what exactly do you mean by "...their customs inspectors might even impound the a/c." ? 🤔 Thanks again 😉 Giorgio
  4. Many thanks, I appreciate it but besides using common sense, I want to know if it is legal to introduce and fly my drone without a permit. Can you please clarify the situation ? 🤔🤗
  5. Dear friends, I am considering a holiday in Kenya next year and I would like to know if and how I can fly my recreational drone (Parrot ANAFI) there. I checked the relevant regulations on the Internet but they seem to out of date. I just wrote to the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority,Head Office in Nairobi and I received the answers below from which I don’t understand if - as a regulation is presently lacking - I can freely introduce and fly drone in Kenya or not and - in case - which sanctions I should expect. Could you please kindly help ? Do you have any local contact that could clarify the situation? Many thanks and best regards Giorgio 1) “Following the annulment of the Civil Aviation(Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems)Regulations 2017 by the National Assembly, the Authority ,hereby ,is not in a position to process any applications as necessary. In the circumstances, the issuance of drone permit and authorization to operate is suspended .” 2) “The Civil Aviation(Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems)Regulations 2017 governing the management and related operations of Drone was NULLIFIED by the National Assembly, and remains null and void/invalid to that extent todate.” [KZ3OW9-D0K6] [KZ3OW9-D0K6]