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  1. Dear Ed, thanks for your help 🙏🤗 It would be really great if mr. Kibe, following his excellent speech should publish a clarification about the subject that could positively help all the recreational drone enthusiasts to video-document and therefore spread to the world, the natural wonders of this amazing country 🤗 A few other interesting links I found after reading your message: Notice 259- Civil Aviation (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) Regulations 2017.pdf http:/
  2. Dear friends, I thank you ALL (!) for taking the time to answer or showing your thoughts about my question. As the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority can’t currently provide an authorization and as - after reading your several interesting speculations - my doubts about the subject are stil there, I will put it in this way: can anybody provide the link (!) to a “currently valid” Kenyan law (if there is one, about introducing and flying a drone in that country ? 🤔 Again, thanks a lot for your patience and attention 🙏🤗 Giorgio
  3. Hi Ed, many thanks for your message. Excuse me but what as I don't understand the "a/c" acronym, what exactly do you mean by "...their customs inspectors might even impound the a/c." ? 🤔 Thanks again 😉 Giorgio
  4. Many thanks, I appreciate it but besides using common sense, I want to know if it is legal to introduce and fly my drone without a permit. Can you please clarify the situation ? 🤔🤗
  5. Dear friends, I am considering a holiday in Kenya next year and I would like to know if and how I can fly my recreational drone (Parrot ANAFI) there. I checked the relevant regulations on the Internet but they seem to out of date. I just wrote to the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority,Head Office in Nairobi and I received the answers below from which I don’t understand if - as a regulation is presently lacking - I can freely introduce and fly drone in Kenya or not and - in case - which sanctions I should expect. Could you ple