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  1. Oh forgot to ask. Philip! The faa link you shared, what layers do represent drone flying and should be visible! Cheers Johan
  2. Hi guys! Thanks for the replies. Thanks for the tip on airmap. Im heading first to BigIsland. I hope to get some shots from the vulcanic moon landscape and also hope to get some coastal images. If you have any tips on locations for flying please let me know. Never been to Hawaii before. Looks amazing. I also thought about visiting Kauai if time is left. I also want to find jungle, coastal cliffs formations, caves so are open for any suggestion if you can recomend something. Again , thanks for the replies earlier. Also what would a outdoor cloathing be like , shorts, t-shirt , hiker boots and raincoat ? cheers J
  3. Hi, Im planning to go to Hawaii, probably BigIsland and Kauai. where can I find info on where I can fly. Whats the weather like in Jan-Feb for flying? regards Johan