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  1. A short video I made this weekend with my DJI Phantom 3 Pro, I can't wait for my ND filters! lol
  2. Just a quick video of Newmarket - United Kingdom
  3. This was a great read Brett, I have already started mine writing a 40 page business plan can get pretty tedious!
  4. This camera is pretty terrible but you can't expect to much from a micro quad The Hubsan X4 FPV is so much fun to fly!
  5. I'm looking into doing tree inspections with my UAV. I was wondering if there was a camera that would be able to detect decaying wood from inside the trunk. I have seen these cameras which look pretty good, it would be interesting to hear other people's thoughts -
  6. Sorry for the delayed response, I forgot to turn on notifications lol I also think that's a good idea about offering the option that if they're not happy with the photos, don't use them. Takes the pressure off a bit I'm sure. I'll have to stick to larger properties, the problem with the UK is theres so many houses (basically on top of each other) because there's not to much land to expand onto lol which could prove difficult when sticking to the regulations of flying. Hotels and golf courses would be another good option. I'm going to focus hard on my portfolio, maybe make some youtube videos. Stone henge would be a cool place to film or some castles. I'm not to sure YawTech, someone told me it comes out of the agents commission, whether that's true or not.
  7. I have chosen real estate because I feel it could possibly be the simplest market to get into just to gain the experience for future jobs. The film industry is the end goal. The part that I am working on at the minute is trying to put a website together and to try come up with some kind of sales forecast for potential customers. Obviously being a start up business, high capital to gain customers isn't really beneficial, I don't suppose you guys have any tips on how to reach these customers, on a budget? I was thinking of maybe writing a blog to try get a known reputation. I have spoken to some estate agents before, I either get ignored or they don't take the service seriously (drones are not to well known here in the UK yet). I know freebies are always a good thing to offer when you're first starting out, I just need to figure out what it is I can give away for free to make it worth my while and to gain customers from it lol Picture frames...hmmm
  8. Sorry lol I think in America they're called arborists?
  9. Hi there everyone, I just thought I would write my first message to introduce myself. I'm Karl from the UK, I am currently a tree surgeon however I am half way through getting my Cap-C PFAW, I have done the theory side, now just battling my way through the operations manual (tedious) before I can go for my practical exam I hope to meet new hobbyists and commercial pilots to share thoughts and ideas!