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  1. If you oversee several 107 pilots and are looking for a 3rd party app to manage/see when your pilots apply for a LAANC waiver, are there any recommendations. I know there are apps like drone deploy, kittyhawk, skyward, etc. My problem is we don't want to use the app to 'fly' the drones, we just want an app that to see which pilots are applying where/when and have a record/log for such all under one enterprise/account. Is there a solution out there for this application without spending the $$$ on the above mentioned apps. Basically, the apps listed above are great, but not cost efficient f
  2. Mad, You are correct, when saying that DJI expects you to pursue all matters related to service through a registered dealer. Although it was a painful process, the controller for our Agras MG-1S has the current firmware and latest greatest versions. The only error remaining is "This account has not been added into DJI Agras Management System. Please contact support." Having a DJI account will not correct this as I have one of those for a phantom 4. The hurdles to get this in the air are cumbersome.
  3. Is anyone familiar with the Agras firmware? I'm having an impossible time trying to get the controller firmware to update and although a lot of DJI support exists for several of their drone models, the only support is via email for the Agras models. Anyone with some insight would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I swapped from using my iPhone as my screen to a Lenovo tablet and now it will not connect. I tried deleting the app off my iPhone but no luck. Any suggestions?
  5. I know there have been discussions in past with alternative screen recommendations for the DJI P4P. I'm looking at purchasing the P4P and know there have been several who recommended buying as alternative display opposed to one with dji since there are some restrictions for third party apps. Is this still the case? If so, which displays have worked well for those who went this route? Thanks,
  6. Steven, I just completed my one-on-one training session this past Friday and cannot speak highly enough about my experience. It will be 100% catered to your needs and desires with plenty of room to adjust things on the fly. It was easy to schedule and work with the coach and there was plenty of chatter back and forth prior to our scheduled time to make sure we allowed time to cover my needs.