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  1. Interesting! NASA's Dragonfly Will Fly Around Titan Looking for Origins, Signs of Life
  2. I am curious to know if any pilots here using the H920 and if so, what mapping software are you using if any? I recently purchased the H920+ for commercial cinematics for my clients. However, I would like to use this bird for 3D mapping for construction clients. I am also looking to add LiDar technology to the drone. Any suggestions are welcome.
  3. Hey everyone, I am looking for other pilots that have the Yuneec Typhoon H, (NOT the Plus or Pro) My issue is after I have done the firmware update for the ST16 Controller and the Typhoon H. My H will not take off or even start the blade rotation, it shows on the top right that I have linked to 18 GPS sats and on the left, I have linked with up with 16 and under that is shows that the H is trying to Aquire. Now I have watched several videos on how to update the H from Yuneec and still have the issue. I have also tried to put the Typhoon H into IPS mode and it does not enable!
  4. Hello and good day, Let me introduce myself to the group. My name is Rick Albrecht from Milwaukee, WI. U.S.. I recently purchased a Yuneec Typhoon H and in the process of receiving my FAA Part 107 licenses. I am a freelance photographer and graphic designer by trade looking to up my game with the drone. Also interested in touching all the fields that pertain from inspection to cinemagraph. Flying full time is a huge goal of mine and as much travel as possible. Life is short, do what you love! I have visited every state in the lower 48 of the U.S., on top of that I also have visited o